• CANS Training and Certification

    Registration and training information for clinicians providing behavioral health services to children under the age of 21 and FAQs on training and certification.

  • Clinical Guidance on the CANS

    CANS User Guides, guidance on using the CANS to measure child outcomes, information on how to gather race, ethnicity, and language data, and a CANS Family Guide

  • How to use the CANS Application on the Virtual Gateway

    Technical resources for CANS users including: CANS FAQs (information on requirements, billing, and consent), Reference Guides and Tutorials for using the CANS application, and key information for becoming a Virtual Gateway user
  • Getting Help on the CANS

    Troubleshooting materials to help resolve common issues with the CANS Application, contact information for Virtual Gateway (VG) Customer Service, and advice on getting the most out of customer service

  • CANS Forms

    Forms for completing the CANS on paper and obtaining member consent

  • CANS Newsletter Archives

    Archives of past CANSNews issues, covering a wide range of information about CANS use in practice