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About The Mass HIway

In October 2012, Massachusetts launched the first CMS funded, statewide electronic health information exchange, The Massachusetts Health Information Highway (The Mass HIway). The Mass HIway is governed by a diverse Health Information Technology Council and informed by provider, consumer, legal and policy, and technology advisory groups to promote a transparent, multi-stakeholder engagement model.

The Mass HIway is not a data repository and instead, offers doctors’ offices, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, skilled nursing facilities, and other healthcare organizations a way to securely and seamlessly transmit vital data electronically.

This meaningful exchange of information can enable the Commonwealth’s care community to:

  • Positively influence care coordination and delivery
  • Avoid readmissions and medical errors
  • Reduce administrative costs and duplicative testing
  • Enhance communication among providers
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Improve public health reporting and analytics

For more information about the Mass HIway benefits and services, and how to enroll, visit