Welcome to the Department of Mental Health (DMH) Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital (WRCH). This new DMH public psychiatric facility represents an evolution in modern care and treatment. WRCH was made possible only with the hundreds of individuals who worked together on a common goal over the course of seven years. Since conception in 2005, the guiding principles for this historic project have always focused on recovery for individuals with serious mental illness and the Department’s Community First initiative, which supports a person’s right to achieve recovery and independence in communities of a person’s preference. We believe that recovery from mental illness is not only possible, it is real.

Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital 
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Address: 309 Belmont Street
Worcester, MA 01604
Person in Charge: Cynthia Carrero, Acting Chief Operating Office
Telephone: (508) 368-3300
Fax: (508) 363-1515
TTY: (508) 752-0127


This information is provided by the Department of Mental Health