The Health and Disability Program (HDP) promotes the health and well-being of people with disabilities in Massachusetts. HDP works to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are included in public health programs, services, data collection, policies and systems.

Currently, HDP focuses on the following:

  • Supporting the Massachusetts Health and Disability Partnership
  • Data collection and reporting on the health of people with disabilities in Massachusetts, with an emphasis on health disparities
  • Advancing policy initiatives
  • Helping health promotion and disease prevention programs and services include and target people with disabilities
  • Improving access to health care programs and facilities for people with disabilities statewide

Ensuring that people with disabilities and their care providers are part of emergency preparedness efforts ( Emergency Preparedness and Disability )

HDP has produced a number of publications and reports  ( Data and Publications )

Data and Publications

Emergency Preparedness

Health and Disability Partnership

Policy Statement Regarding Publicity and Accommodations for People with Disabilities

Materials advertising public events sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) shall display the following five access graphic symbols. These symbols may be found on "Healthnet"-the DPH website. Please feel free to contact Health and Disability Program at 617-624-5957 for information regarding how to locate and paste these symbols into materials advertising public events. Along with these symbols, the following statement will be contained in all DPH materials advertising public events about how accommodation for a person with a disability or someone who is Deaf or hard of hearing may be arranged:

"If you are Deaf or hard of hearing, or are a person with a disability who requires accommodation, please contact [NAME OF ORGANIZATION OR INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING ARRANGEMENTS] at [TELEPHONE NUMBER], [FAX NUMBER], [EMAIL ADDRESS] or [TTY NUMBER] by [DATE]."        

Five white accessibility icons on a black background: 1) A keyboard with a telephone handset on top, representing the availability of a TTY/telecommunications device for the Deaf on site. 2) Hands signing, representing the availability of sign language interpreters. 3) Six dots forming a full Braille cell with the word Braille underneath, representing the availability of Braille materials. 4) A person sitting in a wheelchair, representing wheelchair accessibility. 5) A telephone handset with sound waves

MDPH Contacts

Health and Disability Program
250 Washington Street
5th Floor
Boston, MA 02108


Rachel H. Tanenhaus, Program Coordinator
Health and Disability Program
phone: 617-624-5957
fax: 617-624-6062
TTY: 617-624-5992
email: Rachel.Tanenhaus@State.MA.US


This information is provided by the Health and Disability Program within the Department of Public Health.