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Free Mobile Application

The Office of Preparedness and Emergency Management is pleased to announce the release of a free mobile application, Show Me for Emergencies, an innovative, interactive app that will enhance communication between public health and emergency management personnel and volunteers and individuals with communication challenges across a variety of emergency settings.

The app expands upon the work that was done on the 2012 booklet, Show Me: A Communication Tool for Emergency Shelters, to include not only emergency shelter settings, but emergency dispensing sites, shelter in place, and evacuation scenarios as well. Within each scenario there are options to communicate information such as an individual’s preferred language, the type of emergency that’s happening, personal and medical needs, animated instructions for actions like boiling water or gathering items, along with a multitude of other concepts. The images posted here illustrate two of the screens found in the app. One of the essential features of the app is that once it’s downloaded to a user’s device, the app does not need internet connectivity in order to access its content.

Show Me (icon for opening screen of the app) Choose your emergency response scenario
Show Me (icon for opening screen of the app) Along the top of the page are the following 5 images/words to help navigate the app


Show Me for Emergencies is available to download from both the iTunes® and Google Play® stores.

Show Me Inquiry

Contact us at dphshowme@state.ma.us.


This information is provided by Emergency Preparedness within the Department of Public Health.