• The Determination of Need (DoN) program promotes the availability and accessibility of cost effective, high quality health care services to the citizens of Massachusetts and assists in controlling health care costs. DoN was established by the legislature in 1971 to encourage equitable geographic and socioeconomic access to health care services, help maintain standards of quality, and constrain overall health care costs by eliminating duplication of expensive technologies, facilities and services. DoN receives applications from health care facilities planning substantial capital expenditures or substantial change in services. It is the responsibility of DoN to evaluate proposals and make recommendations to the Public Health Council for approval or denial of the expenditures and/or new services. Applications are reviewed using specific standards and guidelines.

    Contact Information

    Determination of Need Program
    Massachusetts Department of Public Health
    250 Washington Street
    Boston, MA 02108
    Tel. (617) 624-5690
    Email: dph.don@state.ma.us

    This information is provided by the Determination of Need (DoN) within the Department of Public Health.