Licensure Information

An Adult Day Health Program as defined in 105 CMR 158, is any entity, however organized, whether conducted for profit or not for profit that:

  1. Is community-based and non-residential;
  2. Provides nursing care, supervision, and health related support services in a structured group setting to persons 18 years of age or older who have physical, cognitive, or behavioral health impairments; and,
  3. Supports families and other caregivers thereby enabling the participant to live in the community.

This definition applies to all programs, regardless of whether or not they participate in MassHealth.  For information regarding Adult Day Health programs and MassHealth see: MassHealth ADH Provider Manual

Adult Day Health Program Licensure Regulations

The Department strongly recommends that all existing programs and applicants for licensure of new programs read, in their entirety prior to completing an application packet. 

The Adult Day Health licensure regulations are available online at: