The Department of Mental Health publishes several resources guides that help consumers, families and the general public find information about our agency, our services and other statewide services and programs in the mental health community.

The DMH Resource Guide is a directory of the DMH, its Areas, Service Site Offices, facilities and contact information. A handy listing of cities and towns will direct you to the appropriate DMH Site Office and contact.

The DMH Consumer and Family Resource Guide is a listing of information and referral resources made available from the DMH Information and Referral Line, toll free at 1-800-221-0053. Tailored for the needs of consumers and families, this guide provides information and referral in a variety of categories from accessing DMH services to listings of consumer organizations to contact information for legal resources for consumers.

The Emergency Services Programs (ESP) Resource Guide lists all ESPs statewide, their location, corresponding cities and town and toll-free crisis number.

The DMH Young Adult Resource Guide has been developed and updated to reflect the changing needs of the young adult population in DMH as well as those services and supports that accompany the young adult’s journey through education, employment, transportation, and housing. This guide is intended for young adults who need assistance in navigating these areas so that they may achieve their goals of recovery and become successful, independent adults who live and thrive in the community. We hope you find these resource guides helpful.

DMH Multicultural Populations Resource Guide contains information about agencies and institutions in the Commonwealth that offer culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

This information is provided by the Department of Mental Health