Campus Related Fire Death Facts

  • Every campus related fire death in the past five years nationwide has been in off-campus housing. 
  • Five college students aged 19-22 have died in Massachusetts off-campus housing fires in the last 10 years. 
  • Lack of working smoke alarms or a second exit was a factor in these deaths. 

Protecting College Students from Fire

Massachusetts fire chiefs and college safety officials are working to draw attention to the need for working smoke alarms and two ways out of every room in all college housing.

  • Landlords and colleges are responsible for providing safe housing that includes working smoke alarms and two ways out of every room.
  • Students are responsible for maintaining safety in their housing: do not disable smoke detectors, do not hang items from sprinkler systems, do not block doors or windows.
  • Students and parents concerned about college housing safety can contact the local building or fire department and request an inspection.
  • Parents: Don’t let your student sleep for a single night in housing without working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. These are required by law. For the price of a pizza, you can purchase and install a working smoke alarm to give students early warning of danger. 

College Fire Safety Campaign and Materials: Best Roomates Evah! Working Smoke Alarms and Two Ways Out

Best Roomate Evah Small

Fire, building, and college safety officials, and college fire safety advocates (NFPA, Campus FireWatch, Center for Campus Fire Safety) developed a college fire safety campaign called Best Roommates Evah: A Working Smoke Alarm and Two Ways Out. The campaign materials are available for local outreach and education efforts:

Additional Resources

Education and outreach materials for fire educators, college residential advisors (RAs) and college health and safety officials to use to educate students and parents about safe college housing, both on and off- campus.