Governor Baker is pleased to announce the seventh MassWorks Infrastructure Program Application Round, with forms available May 18th. 

The Massachusetts Permit Regulatory Office was established in 2006 to work with new and existing businesses to help foster job creation efforts by assisting with permitting, licensing, and regulatory processes. The Director of the Office serves as the state permitting ombudsman to municipalities and businesses, and Chair of the Interagency Permitting Board, which administers the Chapter 43D Expedited Permitting Program. The Office works in partnership with MassDevelopment, Regional Planning Agencies, and the Massachusetts Alliance for Economic Development to accomplish its core mission.

To provide direct assistance to proponents of development projects with respect to state and local permitting, licensing and regulatory matters;

   To work with municipalities on efforts to streamline local permitting processes through the Chapter 43D Expedited Permitting Program and other means; and
   To work with state regulatory agencies on efforts to streamline state permitting processes.

Contact Information

Massachusetts Permit Regulatory Office
One Ashburton Place, Room 2101
Boston, MA 02108
T: 617-788-3610
F: 617-788-3605