What is “HomeBASE”?

HomeBASE is the Commonwealth’s re-housing benefit created to provide those who qualify for emergency assistance and shelter an opportunity to overcome some of the financial barriers to ending their homelessness. Funded and administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development’s Division of Housing Stabilization (DHS).

HomeBASE can provide funds for first, last, and security deposit in a new home, furniture (not to exceed $1,000), a monthly stipend to help pay rent for up to one year as well as utilities, travel costs, and many other expenses that would otherwise prevent a family from accessing a new home.

HomeBASE additionally provides a designated stabilization worker for each family to help access community supports and offer resources to resolve issues that may arise including tenancy-related issues. Families enjoy the support of a case manager and may access agency resources such as education, workforce development, child care, or other support to ensure they succeed as new tenants.

Who Is Eligible for HomeBASE?

Families deemed eligible by DHS for Emergency Assistance (EA) (and currently in EA) can access HomeBASE.

How Can HomeBASE Be Accessed?

Families meeting the basic criteria of homelessness may apply in one of the DHS offices. Please use the "Service Locator" for the nearest office.

HomeBASE Program Brochures

HomeBASE Program Brochure (English)

HomeBase Program Brochure (Spanish)

HomeBASE Documentation

Current HomeBASE Regulations (760 CMR 65)

Proposed Changes to 760 CMR 65 - redline version pdf format of 760cmr65homebaseredlineaugusy2013
(posted August 15, 2013)

Request for Assistance with EA and HomeBASE pdf format of req-forassistance-w-ea+homebase.pdf

HomeBASE Program Family Shelter (Emergency Assistance) pdf format of homebaseflyer.pdf

HomeBASE Program Family Shelter (Emergency Assistance) doc format of homebasenotice-spanish.doc
- Spanish

HomeBASE Program Administration Notices


UW-10, Universal Waiver of HomeBASE Regulations, Income limits for Household Assistance Families Transitioning from Rental Assistance pdf format of uw-10.pdf
2013-03: Guidance for use of HomeBASE funds for furniture pdf format of 13-03.pdf
2013-01: UW-9, Universal Waiver of HomeBASE Regulations, Requirement for Security Deposits pdf format of 13-01.pdf


2012-02: pdf format of 12-02.pdf
UW-7, Universal Waiver of HomeBASE Regulations, Eligibility for Program Participation, Noncompliance   
2012-01: pdf format of 12-01.pdf
Universal Waiver of HomeBASE Regulations, Appropriate Size Guidelines   


2011-06: pdf format of 11-06.pdf
Suspension of HomeBASE Rental Assistance at the Front Door - Revised  
2011-05: pdf format of 11-05.pdf
Information on Potential Landlord Discrimination  
2011-04: pdf format of 11-04.pdf
New Guidance on Temporary Accommodation Placements  
2011-03: pdf format of 11-03.pdf
file size 1MB Waivers to HomeBASE regulations  re: Household Assistance, Stabilization Plan, Rent Limits, and Conditional HomeBASE Assistance
2011-03(b): doc format of 11-03b.doc
Universal Waiver regarding Conditional HomeBASE Assistance  (revised)  
2011-02: pdf format of 11-02.pdf
Transition of Flex Fund and HPRP/MRVP STA Families to HomeBASE
2011-01: doc format of 11-01.doc
Shelter and Motel Rehousing Using HomeBASE Resources 

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact DHCD at 617-573-1100

Los documentos para los clientes serán traducidos al español. Muy pronto usted podrá encontrar estos documentos visitando la página web www.mass.gov/dhcd. En la cajita de búsqueda escriba Rental Assistance Management para fácil acceso. Mientras tanto, si tiene preguntas, por favor llame al 617-573-1370 y alguien en español le contestará.