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What is WorkShare? 

The WorkShare Program is an alternative for employers faced with a reduction in workforce. It allows an employer to divide the available work or hours of work among a specified group of affected employees in lieu of a layoff, and it allows the employees to receive a portion of their Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits while working reduced hours.


Who should use WorkShare?

While this program is very popular in difficult economic times, it can help businesses facing short-term slowdown at any time for:
  • Manufacturers with a gap between projects or awaiting regulatory approvals,
  • Professional service companies in between contracts,
  • Retailers facing temporary slowdowns due to local construction or client turnover,
  • Non-profits facing a slow fundraising cycle,
  • Any business facing an unexpected change in business patterns.

What are the requirements for employers? 

  • ​Develop a WorkShare Plan for an “affected unit” of two or more employees.
  • Reduce weekly hours of work and corresponding wages between 10-60 percent.
  • Maintain health insurance and defined retirement benefits for employees participating in the WorkShare Plan.
  • Must be up-to-date on UI contributions and have a positive reserve balance. 
  • Must be a Massachusetts company - may be a small, large, profit, non-profit, or a Government agency.

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What are the requirements for workers? 

  • Participation is voluntary for employees.
  • Must be permanent or part-time workers. Seasonal and temporary employees are not eligible.  
  • Must declare the income from any part-time work earned during the period of the Workshare Plan.
  • Must be eligible for regular unemployment benefits in Massachusetts.

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