The Department of Unemployment Assistance is pleased to announce that beginning on July 1st, you will be able to use the new UI Online system to set up a WorkShare plan and to complete your weekly WorkShare benefit payment requests for your employees.


WorkShare - A Smart Alternative to Layoffs

If your company needs to reduce payroll costs because of a temporary decline in business, the WorkShare Program is your alternative to layoffs. WorkShare allows an employer to reduce the hours of work for employees in an entire company (or a small unit or department) and the employees receive UI benefits to supplement their reduced wages.

Your Business Advantage

When you develop a WorkShare Plan, you:

  • Keep your skilled, trained workers
  • Reduce future hiring and retraining costs
  • Avoid disruption in your business operations
  • Remain prepared for future business growth
  • Maintain worker productivity

Contact WorkShare

DUA WorkShare Department
Charles F. Hurley Building
19 Staniford Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02114
Call: 617-626-5521