• Massachusetts Homeowners: Get Help Now to Save Your Home!

    Governor Deval Patrick
    Dear Massachusetts Homeowner:

    My Administration created this Web site of resources for homeowners in response to the sharp increase in mortgage foreclosures we are experiencing in Massachusetts.

    I am deeply concerned about both the stress and the financial loss facing many homeowners and their families. A large number of foreclosures have a destabilizing effect on neighborhoods as vacancies increase and property values decline. It is in our collective best interest to take proactive steps to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

    As a national leader in our response to the rising number of foreclosures, we have created a video to connect struggling Massachusetts homeowners with housing counselors to assist them in reaching the best possible outcome. The information and links on this site are designed to provide Massachusetts homeowners and tenants with additional state and national foreclosure prevention resources. By working together, we can all take steps to prevent foreclosures and keep our families, our communities and our Commonwealth stable and secure.


    Deval L. Patrick

  • U.S. Treasury Making Home Affordable Programs

    You may qualify for mortgage loan restructuring through President Obama's Making Home Affordable program. The program has two components: Home Affordable Refinance and Home Affordable Modification.
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