The 8th edition of the Base Code is comprised of the International Building Code 2009 (IBC), several companion I-codes and a separate package with Massachusetts amendments to the I-codes. The IBC and its companion codes are sold by the International Code Council and the Massachusetts amendments package is sold by the State House Bookstore (617-727-2834).

Key references needed to properly use all chapters of the Base Code are listed in the table below.

2009 International Codes (I-Codes)

Massachusetts Regulations

IBC - International Building Code780 CMR - MA Amendments to the IBC
IEBC - International Existing Building Code527 CMR - MA fire prevention and electrical regulations
IECC - International Energy Conservation Code for stretch code buildings, 2012 IEEC for  non-stretch code buildings.521 CMR - MA accessibility regulations
IMC - International Mechanical Code248 CMR - MA plumbing regulations
IFC - International Fire Code524 CMR - MA elevator regulations

An electronic version of the Massachusetts amendments package is provided below for convenience but it is not official. Please contact the State House Bookstore for the official version.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files. 

User tip: First find a topic location in the IBC table of contents. Then come back to this screen, open the appropriate MA amendment chapter and scroll to the specific section to see if amendments apply to that section. Also, don't forget to further check for amendments since August 2010, which are posted on the preceding web page.

  • Massachusetts Amendments to the IBC (August 2010)

Table of Contents pdf format of table_of_contents.pdf

  1. Scope and Administration pdf format of 1_scope_and_administration.pdf
  2. Definitions pdf format of 2_definitions.pdf
  3. Use and Occupancy Classification pdf format of 3_use_and_occupancy_classification.pdf
  4. Special Detailed Requirements Based on Use and Occupancy pdf format of 4_special_detailed_requirements_based_on_use_and_o
  5. General Building Heights and Areas pdf format of 5_general_building_heights_and_areas.pdf
  6. Types of Construction pdf format of 6_types_of_construction.pdf
  7. Fire and Smoke Protective Features (No MA amendments.) pdf format of 7_fire_and_smoke_protection_features.pdf
  8. Interior Finishes pdf format of 8_interior_finishes.pdf
  9. Fire Protection Systems pdf format of 9_fire_protection_systems.pdf
  10. Means of Egress pdf format of 10_means_of_egress.pdf
  11. Accessibility pdf format of 11_accessibility.pdf
  12. Interior Environment pdf format of 12_interior_environment.pdf
  13. Energy Efficiency pdf format of 13_energy_efficiency.pdf
(73kb)This amendment is effective until July 1, 2014 and runs concurrently with the August 16, 2013 version found on the previous web page .  The lighting power density for "office" and "retail" were amended on December 6, 2013 to "0.9" and "1.3" respectively for Table 505.5.2.
  14. Exterior Walls (No MA amendments.) pdf format of 14_exterior_walls.pdf
  15. Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures (No MA amendments.) pdf format of 15_roof_assemblies_and_rooftop_structures.pdf
  16. Structural Design pdf format of 16_structural_design.pdf
  17. Structural Tests and Special Inspections pdf format of 17_structural_tests_and_special_inspections.pdf
  18. Soils and Foundations pdf format of 18_soils_and_foundations.pdf
  19. Concrete pdf format of 19_concrete.pdf
  20. Aluminum (No MA amendments.) pdf format of 20_aluminum.pdf
  21. Masonry pdf format of 21_masonry.pdf
  22. Steel pdf format of 22_steel.pdf
  23. Wood pdf format of 23_wood.pdf
  24. Glass and Glazing pdf format of 24_glass_and_glazing.pdf
  25. Gypsum board and Plaster (No MA amendments.) pdf format of 25_gypsum_board_and_plaster.pdf
  26. Plastic pdf format of 26_plastic.pdf
  27. Electrical pdf format of 27_electrical.pdf
  28. Mechanical Systems pdf format of 28_mechanical_systems.pdf
  29. Plumbing Systems pdf format of 29_plumbing_systems.pdf
  30. Elevator and Conveying Systems pdf format of 30_elevators_and_conveying_systems.pdf
  31. Special Construction pdf format of 31_special_construction.pdf
  32. Encroachments into the Public Right-of-way pdf format of 32_encroachments_into_the_public_right_of_way.pdf
  33. Safeguards During Construction pdf format of 33_safeguards_during_construction.pdf
  34. Existing Structures pdf format of 34_existing_structures.pdf
  35. Referenced Standards pdf format of 35_referenced_standards.pdf

110. Special Regulations pdf format of 110_special_regulations_r1_through_r7.pdf

R1 Concrete Testing Laboratories Licensing
R2 Concrete Field Testing Technician
R3 Manufactured Buildings, Building Components and Mobile Homes
R4 Licensing Native Lumber Producers
R5 Construction Supervisors
R6 Reserved
R7 Certification of Inspectors of buildings, Building Commissioners and Local Inspectors

115. Appendices pdf format of 115_appendices.pdf

A. Employee Qualifications - Reserved
B. Board of Appeals - Reserved
C. Group U Agricultural Buildings
D. Fire Districts - Reserved
E. Supplementary Accessibility Requirements - Reserved
F. Rodent proofing
G. Flood Resistant Construction
H. Signs
I. Patio Covers
J. Grading
K. Administrative Provisions - Reserved
AA. Stretch Energy Code