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Purchasing the Building Code

The 8th edition of the building code uses 2009 code books published by the International Code Council (ICC) with separate amendment packages published by Massachusetts.

  • To purchase code books contact ICC at or a major book vendor. 
  • To purchase Massachusetts amendments contact the State Bookstore (617-727-2834). 

Viewing the ICC Codes

  • To view-only the International Codes follow this link: ICC Codes.

Using the 8th Edition

To find the latest requirement in the base volume:

  1. Find the topic in the International Building Code (IBC) 2009.
  2. Check the link below entitled '8th Edition Base Volume - (August 2010) Massachusetts Amendments' for that topic.
  3. Check under 'Amendments since August 2010' listed below for any recent changes

For example, after (first) looking in the IBC for high-rise elevator requirements in chapter 4, section 403.6 and (second) checking the 8th Edition Base Volume (August 2010) Massachusetts Amendments version listed below to find that it has been amended, you'll notice (third) that it has been further amended recently under "Amendments since August 2010", listed below, for section 403.6.1.

Amendments to 780 CMR (Building Code) Energy Provisions Effective August 12, 2016

8th Edition Amendments

Please note electronic versions of the building code are not official.

8th Edition Base Volume

8th Edition Residential Volume

Building Code Related Laws


 7th and 6th Editions (expired)

Recently expired editions of the code are provided below for reference: