Employee Forms

Important Notes About Forms:

  • All current MSRB forms are posted on this page and several have been recently updated, including the New Member Enrollment Forms below. Please be sure to always use the most current form available to ensure that all necessary information is submitted.
  • Most of the forms below are now fillable. We strongly recommend that you fill the forms out on your computer where available before printing them. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and fill out these forms. Get a free download at adobe.com.
  • The forms will open up in a new window. Please be sure to close the window when you have finished filling out your form.

Retirement Percentage Chart

Members can calculate their own retirement benefit estimate using the above Retirement Percentage Chart. Information on how benefits are calculated can be found in our MSERS Retirement Benefit Guide pdf format of MSERS Retirement Benefit Guide
beginning on page 14.

Retirement Applications & Other Related Forms

Direct Deposit of your monthly benefit payment is now required for all applications received after January 1, 2010. The required form is included with the retirement application below. If you are currently on direct deposit as an active employee, we can use the same account you are currently using. Please complete your retirement application on your computer before printing it out and mailing to us.

Disability Retirement Forms

Buyback Forms

Refund/Rollover Request Form

(For those who left state service.)

Beneficiary Forms

Retiree Forms

Survivor Forms

Employer Forms

Please choose ONE "New Member" form, either the "Commonwealth" OR "NON-Commonwealth" version. Also, please ask employees if they have prior service that can be transferred so that their contribution rate is calculated accurately. 

Board Publications

Annual Reports


State Retirement System Actuarial Valuation Reports




Educational Materials Disclaimer

The Massachusetts State Retirement Board (MSRB) posts educational materials on its website and social media channels for the convenience of members of the Massachusetts State Employees’ Retirement System (MSERS). These educational materials include videos, electronic content, booklets, handouts, slide shows and other materials distributed in conjunction with presentations MSRB staff may have made.

Please note that these educational materials are current as of their date of publication. Anyone utilizing these educational materials subsequent to their date of publication is responsible for making sure the content is completely up to date in all respects as it may apply to their specific circumstances.

These educational materials should not be construed as, nor are they intended to be advice regarding the potential retirement benefits of any member of the MSERS. The information contained in educational materials is not intended as a substitute for the Massachusetts General Laws or the regulations and policies of the MSRB.

MSERS members are solely responsible for making their own retirement benefit decisions. Therefore the MSRB strongly recommends that if you are within 120 days to your retirement date, contact the MSRB to speak with one of our retirement counselors and start planning your retirement. The MSRB also strongly recommends that you plan your retirement and that you file at least 30 days in advance of leaving your employment. Certain retirement options will not be available to you once you stop working. To contact the State Retirement Board call 617-367-7770 (Boston Office), 413-730-6135 (Springfield Office) or 800-392-6014 (in MA only).