Message from Attorney General Healey

Dear Veterans, Military Personnel, and Families:

Thank you for the service and the sacrifices that you and your families have made to serve our country and Massachusetts. Whether you are a long time veteran, a recently activated member of the National Guard or Reserves, active duty military personnel, or a newly returned servicemember, I am committed to ensuring that you and your family receive the benefits and protections you have earned.

The Attorney General’s Office enforces certain federal and state laws protecting the rights of veterans and servicemembers. If you are a veteran or are currently serving in the United States Military, including the National Guard or Reserves, there are laws designed to protect you against discrimination in employment, help you avoid credit or foreclosure problems, and maximize your healthcare, disability, and education benefits. This website is designed to help inform you of your rights, and the benefits and protections available.

Many veterans face physical and psychological challenges that will extend well beyond their military service. Others have paid the ultimate price. In this sense, veterans and their families continue to serve our country long after a tour of duty is over. Massachusetts has been providing assistance to its veterans and their families for almost three hundred years, and I look forward to advancing this important tradition.

One the left you will find access to a variety of topics ranging from consumer protections to legal assistance to information about support groups and services.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve you and the Commonwealth.


Maura Healey
Massachusetts Attorney General


Some of the information on this website concerns specific laws and regulations. This information is provided as a general educational resource and is not meant to be legal advice of any kind. The information provided here may or may not apply to each individual’s circumstances. In addition, this website is current through August 2012. As rules and regulations change, portions may become obsolete.