• 2014 Firefighter Exam: ELPAT Scheduling & Written Exam Notice to Appear

    Candidates who have registered for the 2014 Firefighter exam from Friday, March 28th - Monday, March 31st have been notified via email with instructions on how to self-schedule their ELPAT.  The deadline to self-schedule your ELPAT is April 14th.  

    Notices to Appear for the written portion of the 2014 Firefighter exam will be released via email by close-of-business on April 18th.  

    Candidates are strongly advised to review their online profiles to ensure that there is a valid email address on file and their phone contact information is up to date.

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    Note: Exam forms (such as education & experience instructions, worksheets and employment verification forms) are no longer mailed to applicants with their notice to appear and must be downloaded and printed by applicants from our website.

    Applicants should have these forms completed and bring them, along with supporting documents, to the exam. Read the exam announcement/poster for the on-line availability date of exam forms and which forms are applicable for your specific test.
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    To update your Applicant Information, please go to MaCS Job Opportunities page and select "*Update MaCS Account".

    The purpose of this application is to allow you to update contact information as well as Veteran status, EMT certification, and language fluency.  In addition, filling out this application will permit you access into the MaCS system to view the contact information you have listed in your Master Profile. 

    If you have lost your notice to appear, please call the Civil Service Unit at 617-878-9700.  We will look up your account information and resend your notice to your e-mail address.


    Please remember that it is the responsibility of the applicant to keep contact information up to date with our agency.

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