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Civil Service Information

Civil Service is a merit system under which State and municipal employees may be hired and promoted. The Civil Service Unit within the Human Resources Division is responsible for overseeing the administration of this system for the Commonwealth.

This page provides information such as links to applicable laws, an overview of the system, examination information, guides and publications.
  • Civil Service News & Updates

  • Examination Information

    Access Schedule of currently offered examinations, reading lists for public safety promotional examinations and exam forms information.
  • Current Eligible Lists

  • Appointing Authority Login

    Appointing Authorities can access their accounts in order to issue requisitions, view lists, etc. 

  • 2014 Promotional Exam Forms

  • Public Safety Certification Delegation Information

  • Overview of Civil Service

    Information on Civil Service law, selection, appointment, promotion and termination processes for prospective employees, current employees and appointing authorities.
  • Exam Forms & Notice to Appear Info

    Notice to Appear & Exam Form Information for Applicants Participating in Upcoming Scheduled Examinations.

    Note: Exam forms (such as education & experience instructions, worksheets and employment verification forms) are no longer mailed to applicants with their notice to appear and must be downloaded and printed by applicants from our website.

    Applicants should have these forms completed and bring them, along with supporting documents, to the exam. Read the exam announcement/poster for the on-line availability date of exam forms and which forms are applicable for your specific test.
  • Veteran & Active Duty Military Applicant Information

  • Appointing Authority Information

    Forms for civil service personnel transactions. Forms for use by Appointing Authorities are listed in alphabetical order with form number information, if applicable, and a form description. Forms for the Public Safety Certification Delegation effective 9/1/2009 are available Public Safety Certification Delegation Forms area below. The majority of files are in rich-text format (RTF) which should open in your standard text editor. To download a form, find the link, right click on it and choose Save Target As or Save Page As to save it to your computer. If you need one of these files in a different format e-mail us at with your alternate format request.
  • Guides & Publications

    Guides & Publications related to civil service laws, rules, procedures, transactions, exam orientation & preparation, public safety entry level employment.
  • How to Update Your Applicant Information


    To update your Applicant Information, please go to MaCS Job Opportunities page and select "*Update MaCS Account".

    The purpose of this application is to allow you to update contact information as well as Veteran status, EMT certification, and language fluency.  In addition, filling out this application will permit you access into the MaCS system to view the contact information you have listed in your Master Profile. 

    If you have lost your notice to appear, please call the Civil Service Unit at 617-878-9700.  We will look up your account information and resend your notice to your e-mail address.

    Please remember that it is the responsibility of the applicant to keep contact information up to date with our agency.

    In addition to updating your contact information, you also have the option of updating your ethnicity, gender and language fluency (other than English).  

    Women, minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply for our examinations.

  • Medical and Physical Fitness Standards

    Information on initial (at-hire) Medical and Physical Fitness Standards for municipal public safety personnel, medical examinations, Physical Abilities Test (PAT), Wellness at Work Program.
  • Multimedia - Civil Service

    The Human Resources Division has created a series of videos and powerpoint presentations to assist appointing authorities and candidates through some facets of the civil service process.
  • Contact Civil Service Unit


    Main Telephone: 617.727.3777

        Exam Hotline: 617.878.9895                                                                                                               Fax: 617.727.0399

    E-mail for applicants & general inquiries:   


    Name - Extension                                                                                                                          Areas of Responsibility     

    Dani Murnane - 29759                                                                                     Active Duty Military & Veteran Inquiries

                                                                                                                             Military Make-up Exam Requests

    Certification & Appointments

    James Barron - 29754                                                                                       Mass. Environmental Affairs

                                                                                                                             Department of Correction

                                                                                                                             Mass. Parole Board

                                                                                                                             Other State Agencies

    Nuwanda Evans - 29749                                                                                   Municipalities A through G & U through W

                                                                                                                             Including Holyoke, Lawrence, Lowell, New Bedford

                                                                                                                              Randolph, Springfield, and Worcester

    Veronica Gross - 29753                                                                                     Municipalities H through T

                                                                                                                              Excluding Hoyloke, Lawrence, Lowell, New Bedford

                                                                                                                              Randolph, Springfield and Worcester

                                                                                                                               Mass Bay Transit Police

    Keith Costello - 29831                                                                                        Labor Service

    Exam Administration

    Karen Ambrose - 29802                                                                                     Exam Eligibility

                                                                                                                               Medical Standards

    Gilbert Lefort - 29758                                                                                         Exam Site & Proctor Information

    Gerard Beausoleil - 29746                                                                                  Non-military Make-up Exam Requests

    Brianna Ward - 29741                                                                                        Assessment Center Information

    Nicole Atkinson - 29756                                                                                     Physical Abilities Testing                                                                                


    Bruce Howard - 29755                                                                                         Director of Operations