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Updating Your Account

Need to change your email address, add EMT status, etc?  Please click for step-by-step instructions to update your information!

All Notices are sent via EMAIL ONLY

If and when your name is reached for consideration for a vacancy, you will receive a vacancy notice by email ONLY. Please note that these notices will only be sent by email, and it is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date with HRD. Please be sure to check your inbox, spam folder, and junk folder regularly for emailed notices from our office.

Regarding Civil Service Exam Applications

The Civil Service Online/NeoGov application server no longer supports version 8 or older of Internet Explorer, nor does it support version 24 or older of Firefox. Submitting your information through an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, Safari browser, etc) is NOT recommended, and can result in an incomplete application, which may preclude you from taking an examination or consideration for a labor service position.  Please click here for System Requirements  pdf format of System Requirements
ppt format of                             System Requirements for the Civil Service Online/NeoGov                .