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  • Auditor Bump Highlights the Work of DLM to MASC and MASS

    Auditor Suzanne Bump highlighted the work of the Division of Local Mandates in protecting cities and towns from unfunded mandates when she spoke before members of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) and the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents.

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  • BSI

    BSI is charged with investigating fraud and abuse in the Commonwealth’s public assistance programs.

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  • The Auditor's Report

    Sign up for the OSA e-mail newsletter to get the latest news and updates about the office is making government work better in Massachusetts.

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  • Division of Local Mandates

    The Local Mandate law gives the State Auditor's Office the authority to determine if a proposed or existing state rule or law imposes any direct cost on a city or town.

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  • Chapter 224

    The Office of the State Auditor is evaluating Chapter 224, a law primarily intended to control health care cost growth and improve quality and access to health care services.

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  • Bump Receives National Award for Efforts to Combat Waste at MassHealth

    Auditor Suzanne Bump today announced that her office has been selected to receive the National State Auditors Association (NSAA) Excellence in Accountability Award for its audit of payments made by MassHealth.

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Audit Highlights

Building Public Trust: 
Audit Leads to Fixes to Prevent Retirement Payments to Deceased Individuals 

Our audit of the Massachusetts State Retirement Board found inappropriate payments to deceased pensioners, and underpayments to other individuals. As a result of the audit, the agency quickly corrected the problem, recovered the majority of the erroneous payments, and restored underpayments . Click here to learn more.