Chapter One: General Rules

Rule 1:01 Definitions; Conflict With Other Rules
Rule 1:02 Sittings of the Supreme Judicial Court
Rule 1:03 Uniform Certification of Questions of Law
Rule 1:04 Judicial Conference
Rule 1:05 Certain Contracts by Judicial officers
Rule 1:06 Records of the Supreme Judicial Court, of the Appeals Court, and of the Superior Court Department. Form, Style, and Size of Papers
Rule 1:07 Fee Generating Appointments and the Maintenance of Appointment Dockets in All Courts
Rule 1:08 Form, Style, and Size of Papers Filed in All Courts
Rule 1:09 Form of original Executions for All Courts of the Commonwealth
Rule 1:10 Form of Alias Executions for All Courts of the Commonwealth
Rule 1:11 Rule Relative to the Disposal of Old Court Papers and Records
Rule 1:12 Rule Relative to the Disposal of Stenographic Notes of Testimony Taken in the Courts of the Commonwealth
Rule 1:13 Time for Report of Material Facts in the Probate and Family Court Department for Cases Under G.L. c. 215, § 11
Rule 1:14 Repealed effective September 1, 2015
Rule 1:15 Impoundment Procedure
Rule 1:16 Judicial Performance Enhancement Programs
Rule 1:17 Subpoenas to officials of the Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court
Rule 1:18 Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution
Rule 1:19 Electronic Access to the Courts
Rule 1:20 Address Confidentiality Program
Rule 1:21 Corporate Disclosure Statement on Possible Judicial Conflict of Interest
Rule 1:22 Motions to Recuse
Rule 1:23 Attorney General Approved Modifications Of Certain Gift Instruments Under G.L. C. 180A, Section 5(d)
Rule 1:24 Protection of Personal Identifying Information in Publicly Accessible Court Documents

Chapter One A: General Rules Partially Superseded by the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure or the Massachusetts Rules of Criminal Procedure

Rule 1:01A [Stricken]
Rule 1:02A Depositions and Discovery
Rule 1:03A Trustee Process
Rule 1:04A Attachment

Chapter Two: Rules for the Regulation of Practice Before the Single Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court

Rule 2:01 Fixing Time for Pleadings and Proceedings
Rule 2:02 Form and Indorsement of Papers
Rule 2:03 Appearances
Rule 2:04 Giving of Notice
Rule 2:05 Time for Pleadings and Proceedings When Last Day for Performance Falls on Saturday, Sunday, or a Legal Holiday
Rule 2:06 Eliminating Requirement for Verification by Oath or Affirmation
Rule 2:07 Hearings Before Single Justice. Notice
Rule 2:08 Jury Issues
Rule 2:09 Copies to Adverse Parties
Rule 2:10 Money Paid Into Court
Rule 2:11 Hearings Upon Motions Grounded on Facts
Rule 2:12 Postponement for Want of Evidence
Rule 2:13 Special Masters and Commissioners
Rule 2:14 Writ of Protection
Rule 2:15 Objections
Rule 2:16 Requests for Rulings
Rule 2:17 Time for Arguments
Rule 2:18 Order of Business. Single Justice Sittings
Rule 2:19 Reviews of Orders of Department of Public Utilities
Rule 2:20 Appeals from Decisions of Appellate Tax Board
Rule 2:21 Appeal from Single Justice Denial of Relief on Interlocutory Ruling
Rule 2:22 Petitions Under G.L. c.211 § 3
Rule 2:23 Appeals in Bar Discipline Cases

Chapter Three: Ethical Requirements and Rules Concerning the Practice of Law

Rule 3:01 Attorneys
Rule 3:02 Administration of Justice
Rule 3:03 Legal Assistance to the Commonwealth and to Indigent Criminal Defendants, and to Indigent Parties in Civil Proceedings
Rule 3:04 Limited Practice by Attorneys from Other Jurisdictions Who are Engaged in Certain Graduate Law Studies or Programs of Legal Assistance
Rule 3:05 Licensing of Foreign Legal Consultants
Rule 3:06 Use of Limited Liability Entities
Rule 3:07 Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct and Comments
Rule 3:08 [Stricken]
Rule 3:09 Code of Judicial Conduct
Rule 3:10 Assignment of Counsel
Rule 3:11 Committee on Judicial Ethics
     Rules of the Committee on Judicial Ethics
Rule 3:12 Code of Professional Responsibility for Clerks of the Courts
Rule 3:13 Committee on Professional Responsibility for Clerks of the Courts
     Rules of the Committee on Professional Responsibility for Clerks of the Courts
Rule 3:14 Advisory Committee on Ethical Opinions for Clerks of the Courts
Rule 3:15 Pro Hac Vice Registration Fee
Rule 3:16 Practicing with Professionalism Course for New Lawyers

Chapter Four: Bar Discipline and Clients' Security Protection

Rule 4:01 Bar Discipline
Rule 4:02 Periodic Registration of Attorneys
Rule 4:03 Periodic Assessment of Attorneys
Rule 4:04 Clients' Security Board and Fund
Rule 4:05 Claims by Clients for Reimbursement of Losses
Rule 4:06 Miscellaneous Powers and Duties of Clients' Security Board
Rule 4:07 Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Fund and Oversight Committee
Rule 4:08 Interpretation of Chapter Four of these Rules
Rule 4:09 Amendment, Modification, Repeal