Group of Probation Officers Assisting at Boston's 42 Annual Caribbean Carnival


The Massachusetts Probation Service is made up of 105 probation departments located throughout the state, the Office of Community Corrections, the Trial Court Community Service Program, the Electronic Monitoring Center and the Office of the Commissioner of Probation.
An organization graphic that provides an overview of the offices and departments that make up the Massachusetts Probation Service.

Probation is a court-ordered sentence ordered by a judge. Probation is an alternative to incarceration (jail or prison) that allows people to remain in the community under the supervision of a probation officer. Over 80,000 people are under probation supervision in the Commonwealth. Of that number, approximately 80 percent are men and 20 percent are women.

Our Vision

Massachusetts Probation Service employees are highly trained, compassionate professionals who use evidence-based approaches to assist individuals and families.

Probation employees:

  • Execute court orders, hold people accountable, and expertly use their discretion to determine an appropriate response to many high and low risk situations
  • Lead clients to use pro-social behaviors, make better decisions, build healthy relationships, and manage conflict
  • Are a consistent, positive influence, making a difference in people’s lives every day

The Massachusetts Probation Service:

  • Works closely with the Trial Court’s judges, clerks, registers, and external partners to make the best use of resources and technology to accomplish its core mission
  • Uses proven best practices, its experiences and skills to accomplish its responsibilities for the court system and the communities it serves

Mission Statement

The Massachusetts Probation Service’s mission is to increase community safety, support victims and survivors, and assist individuals and families in achieving long term positive change.