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Welcome to the website of the Office of the Commissioner of Probation which is comprised of the Massachusetts Probation Service, the Office of Community Corrections, and the Massachusetts Trial Court Community Service Program.

Probation is a court-ordered sentence ordered by a judge. The offender is allowed to remain in the community under the supervision of a Probation Officer.

The primary goal of Probation is to keep communities safe and to provide probationers with the rehabilitative tools they need to live a safe, productive, and law-abiding life.

There are approximately 86,000 individuals under probation supervision in the Commonwealth. Of that number, 80.9 percent are men and 19.1 percent are women

Mission Statement

The Massachusetts Probation Service is at the center in the delivery of justice through investigations, community supervision of offenders/litigants, diversion of appropriate offenders from institutional sentences, reduction in crime, mediations, service to victims, and the performance of other appropriate community service functions.

Massachusetts Trial Court Announces Court Officer and Probation Officer Eligibility Exam Dates and Registration Process

The Trial Court today announced exam dates and opened online registration for the entry exams required to establish eligibility to apply for Court Officer and Probation Officer positions.

The exam for Probation Officer eligibility will be conducted on June 28th and for Court Officer eligibility on July 19th.  Both exams will be conducted at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center on Summer Street.  Learn More