Form A-37 pdf format of a_37.pdf
, Consent Extending the Time for Assessment of Taxes (Revised July 2014)

Form ABT , Application for Abatement (for business taxpayers)

Form B-37 pdf format of Form B-37
, Special Consent Extending the time for Assessment of taxes (Revised July 2014)

Form CA-6 , Application for Abatement/Amended Return for all tax years (for non-business taxpayers)

Form CA-6A pdf format of CA_6A.pdf
, Application for Abatement/Amended Return Additional Tax Periods for all tax years

Form 84 pdf format of 84.pdf
, Application for Relief from Joint Income Tax Liability

Deeds Excise Return pdf format of deeds.pdf
(Revised March 2013)

Form DR-1 pdf format of Form DR-1
, Appeals Form

Form EMP pdf format of Form EMP, Application for Early Mediation Program
, Application for Early Mediation Program

Form Excises 2, pdf format of excises 2.pdf
Excise Tax Bond (Revised September 16, 2015)

Form FE, pdf format of FE.pdf
Ferry Embarkation Fee (Revised October, 2014)

Form M-433B  pdf format of Form M-433B
, Statement of Financial Condition for Businesses

Form M-433I pdf format of Form M-433I
, Statement of Financial Condition for Individuals – Financial Statement for Payment Agreement or Hardship Consideration

Form M-433-OIS pdf format of m_433.pdf
, Statement of Financial Condition and Other Information

Form M-656 pdf format of m_656.pdf
, Offer in Settlement (Online fillable version now available)

Form M-911 pdf format of M_911.pdf
, Taxpayer's Application for Relief Due to Hardship

Form M-2848 pdf format of Form M-2848
, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative (Revised July 2014)

Form M-4506 pdf format of m_4506.pdf
, Request for Copy of Individual Income Tax Form (Revised February 2013. Change to line 10)

Form M-4852 pdf format of M-4852.pdf
, Substitute for Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement

Form UA-1  pdf format of Form UA-1
, Unified Audit Opt-Out

Taxpayer Change of Address

Certificate of Good Standing