Form A-37 pdf format of a_37.pdf
, Consent Extending the Time for Assessment of Taxes (Revised July 2014)

Form B-37 pdf format of Form B-37
, Special Consent Extending the time for Assessment of taxes (Revised July 2014)

Form CA-6 , Application for Abatement/Amended Return for all tax years

Form CA-6A pdf format of CA_6A.pdf
, Application for Abatement/Amended Return Additional Tax Periods for all tax years

Form 84 pdf format of 84.pdf
, Application for Relief from Joint Income Tax Liability

Deeds Excise Return pdf format of deeds.pdf
(Revised March 2013)

Form DR-1 pdf format of Form DR-1
, Appeals Form

Form EMP pdf format of Form EMP, Application for Early Mediation Program
, Application for Early Mediation Program

Form Excises 2, pdf format of excises 2.pdf
Excise Tax Bond

Form FE, pdf format of FE.pdf
Ferry Embarkation Fee (Revised October, 2014)

Form M-433B  pdf format of Form M-433B
, Statement of Financial Condition for Businesses

Form M-433I pdf format of Form M-433I
, Statement of Financial Condition for Individuals – Financial Statement for Payment Agreement or Hardship Consideration

Form M-433-OIS pdf format of m_433.pdf
, Statement of Financial Condition and Other Information

Form M-656 pdf format of m_656.pdf
, Offer in Settlement (Online fillable version now available)

Form M-911 pdf format of M_911.pdf
, Taxpayer's Application for Relief Due to Hardship

Form M-2848 pdf format of Form M-2848
, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative (Revised July 2014)

Form M-4506 pdf format of m_4506.pdf
, Request for Copy of Individual Income Tax Form (Revised February 2013. Change to line 10)

Form M-4852 pdf format of M-4852.pdf
, Substitute for Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement

Form UA-1  pdf format of Form UA-1
, Unified Audit Opt-Out

Taxpayer Change of Address

Certificate of Good Standing