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Boylston, Clinton, Holden, Hubbardston, Leominster, Princeton, Rutland, Sterling, and West Boylston.

The 4,135-acre reservoir was built between 1897-1908 by damming the South Branch of the Nashua river. Water was sent via an aqueduct to the Weston reservoir. It now receives some of its water from Quabbin Reservoir and still supplies the Boston area. 

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Wachusett Reservoir is located in central Massachusetts, northeast of Worcester.
It is west of Interstate 495, halfway between Interstate 290 and 190 in West Boylston, Sterling and Clinton, and is virtually surrounded by Rte. 110 on the east and north, Rt. 70 on the south, Rte. 140 running diagonally from northeast to southwest and Rte. 12 bisecting the northern third.

Interpretive Services

Classroom programs and field trips are offered to schools and groups in or bordering the watershed areas, and to MWRA service communities. Topics range from water's behavior and physical properties, watersheds, cultural and natural history of the watershed areas.

Wachusett Reservoir Summer/Fall Interpretive Programs  pdf format of Wachusett Reservoir Summer/Fall Interpretive Programs

Recreational Opportunities

Things to know before you go

The primary purpose of DCR water and surrounding lands is drinking water supply. Public access, therefore, is carefully regulated and controlled to protect over 2 million people’s source of drinking water. State regulations require all entry and exit through gates or other designated areas only. Anything that could pollute the water supply system, such as litter or refuse of any sort, is prohibited. Please observe restrictions on recreational activities. Direct water contact activities, such as swimming and wading, are strictly prohibited by regulation. Dogs are not allowed on any DCR property associated with Wachusett Reservoir. No Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“Drones”) Allowed.