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If you want to get more local residents recycling, educate them about how to recycle right, and get out into your community to accomplish these goals, the Recycling IQ Kit might be for you.

Building on 2016 pilot studies in four communities - Holden, Lowell, Needham and West Springfield - the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and The Recycling Partnership developed the Recycling IQ Kit to provide you with steps, tools and resources to help Increase the Quantity and Improve the Quality of recycling in your town or city. 

Raising your community's Recycling IQ will take investment and work. You'll need to assess your budget, then make your case to and get buy-in from municipal officials, your hauler and your materials recycling facility (MRF). But over time, these efforts will pay off in lower disposal costs and higher resident satisfaction with your program.

Our Assessment Tool can help you determine whether your community is ready for the challenge of raising its Recycling IQ. Once it is, you can get started at building a better local recycling program right away by using the free, open source step-by-step guides, customizable artwork, and document templates that make up the Recycling IQ Kit:

The Recycling IQ Kit is open source and available for use by municipalities, at their own expense, at any time. Massachusetts towns and cities completing the Assessment Tool can apply to MassDEP for SMRP Municipal Technical Assistance Grants that may include help with outreach material production and distribution.