Automotive Wastes

Do-it-yourself auto maintenance and repair can save you time and money, but improperly handled or discarded automotive wastes can pose serious environmental and health risks.

Checklist for a Hazard-Free Home

Concerns about asbestos, lead, and other household hazards to note when buying or selling a home.

Fact Sheets, Brochures & Other Resources

Waste management information and guidance for businesses, consumers, institutions and municipalities.

Electronics Recycling

Recycle obsolete or unwanted cell and smart phones, computers and monitors, televisions, DVD and MP3 players, pagers, tablets and other devices.

Green Living

Learn how to reduce the environmental impact of your everyday activities.

Hazardous Household Products: Handling & Management

Essential information on the handling and management of various hazardous household products.


Learn about mercury, its health and environmental effects, and how to safely handle and dispose of products containing it. Includes environmental monitoring data and fish consumption advisories.

Municipal Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facilities

Facilities approved by MassDEP to accept household hazardous wastes from residents. Some facilities also accept waste from small businesses.

National Institutes of Health Household Products Database

Health & Safety Information on Household Products

Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products

Safe management of medicines, insect repellents, sunscreens, perfumes, soaps, fragrances and lotions.

How & Where to Recycle

Find recycling, composting and hazardous household product management opportunities and programs in your town or city and neighboring communities.