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The Fiscal Year 2014 General Appropriations Act includes provisions requiring the Department of Environmental Protection to adopt emergency regulations to increase existing permit and compliance assurance fees adopted under section 18 of chapter 21A and section 3B of chapter 21E of the General Laws to reflect the increase in the consumer price index (CPI) since 2004, the fiscal year in which most of these fees were last adjusted. In response to this action, many of MassDEP fee rates have increased as of August 8, 2013. Please use the links in this notice to view the updated fee rate tables since some permit applications and other documents have not yet been updated to reflect these changes.

FY14 - Annual Compliance Fees pdf format of    Annual Compliance Assurance Fees  xls format of Annual Compliance Assurance Fees

FY14 - Permit Application Fees pdf format of    Permit Application Timelines and Fees Schedule

Contacts for Fees and Billing Inquiries

Form for Fees & Payments