• Updates

    *Please click the link below to check out BCMCP Tentative Spray Schedule 2017 Season for general information on our pesticide applications.
    Spray Schedule  pdf format of Spray Schedule

    *MDAR's approved marking method for exclusions:*

    White plastic or pie plates, a minimum of 9 inches in diameter, with the words "No Spray" clearly written in permanent marker. Plates must be placed on trees, stakes, or poles easily visible from the street, at least every 50 feet along the property boundary adjacent to the road and no more than 5 feet from the road.

  • Meetings

    The next scheduled Bristol County Mosquito Control Commission Meeting is July 13th at 8:00am at 38R Forest Street Attleboro, MA 02703.

  • Spray Requests

    BCMCP will begin taking residential request for spray to control adult mosquitoes on May 22, 2017. Weather permitting adulticiding applications will begin May 30, 2017 from 2:00am till sunrise. Please refer to "To Make a Request" for further information.

  • Larviciding Requests

    BCMCP will begin taking larviciding request starting April 10, 2017. Applications will begin after April 10th weather-permitting.

  • To Make a Request

    If you are a resident of Bristol County, you can call (508) 823-5253fax (508) 828-1868
    or e-mail a spray request to: RequestBristolMCP@comcast.net

    Requests are taken between the hours of 8am - 2pm by phone. All towns are treated once a week, with each town usually done on a specific day. If you are having an event and would like a special spray performed on a particular date, we ask that you submit your request 2-3 weeks in advance (this applies to both residents and town/city officials). There is no charge for spraying. It is performed between the hours of 2am and sunrise. Spraying is done from roadside (the ULV aerosol will horizontally transport 300 ft). 

    Note: Try and get your neighbors involved. The more requests that we receive from a particular street or neighborhood, the more effective the treatment will be.

  • *** Pesticide labels for the products we utilize can be found by clicking on the link located on the "Our Services" page.