We have recently changed our application form and process. The new application form will provide DDS with the information its needs to determine eligibility. DDS has not changed its criteria.

To apply for our services, applicants must complete the Application for Eligibility Form. Application forms are available at our area offices, regional offices and on this website. Applicants can fax or mail the completed application, along with all the required documentation to the regional eligibility team that covers the geographical area where applicants live.

Applying for eligibility is a choice and we believe that it is important for applicants to fully understand the criteria for eligibility as well as the type of documentation that is required to enable DDS to make such an important decision. Therefore, included in the new application are the criteria for eligibility and explicit instructions about the necessary documentation. Another important component is legal authorization to proceed with the process. Applicants must give their written permission so that DDS can proceed with the eligibility process. This does not mean that an applicant cannot get help from a family member, friend or agency. However if the applicant chooses to have someone assist him/her, s/he will also need to authorize that by signing a permission form. This permission is required if the applicant wants DDS to be able to communicate directly with this person on their behalf. These authorizations are now a vital part of the new application form.

After a complete application has been received by the Regional Team, applicants can expect to be contacted by a Regional Eligibility Team member to schedule a face-to-face meeting. The meeting can take place at a departmental office, or a convenient location where an interview can occur.

Generally, a written decision will be sent to applicants 60 days after the Regional Eligibility Team receives all of the necessary documentation and has had the opportunity to conduct an intake interview. There are three types of eligibility determinations: eligible, ineligible and deferral of eligibility determination. If applicants are found eligible, applicants will be given the name of the area office that will be responsible for service planning and prioritization. If applicants are found ineligible, they will be given information about their appeal rights. If DDS is unable to render a decision, applicants will be told what additional information is still needed to complete the eligibility process.

The Department's eligibility application process can be initiated as follows:

  1. By downloading, completing and sending an application form ( Application for Eligibility) along with all required documentation, to the Regional Eligibility Coordinator.
  2. By contacting the Regional Eligibility Team directly at the Intake Referral Number.

Please Note: The region to which the applicant's town belongs can be found under the heading " Find an area office " on our website: www.mass.gov/dds. The new application form also includes a listing of all the towns in each of the regions.

Below are the addresses and phone numbers for the Department's four regional eligibility offices:

Central/West Region
Regional Eligibility Coordinator
Central West Region
140 High St. Suite 301
Springfield, MA 01105

Intake Referral Number: 413-205-0940
Fax Number: 413-205-1608
DDS Eligibility Process - Central West Region 2017  pdf format of DDS Eligibility Process - Central West Region 2017
doc format of                             DDS Eligibility Process - Central West Region 2017

Metro Region
Metro Region
Regional Eligibility Coordinator
411 Waverley Oaks Road, Suite 304
Waltham, MA 02452

Intake Referral Number: 781-314-7513
Fax Number: 781-314-7539
DDS Eligibility Process - Metro Region 2017  pdf format of DDS Eligibility Process - Metro Region 2017
doc format of                             DDS Eligibility Process - Metro Region 2017

Northeast Region
Regional Eligibility Coordinator
Hogan Regional Center
PO Box A
Hathorne, MA 01937

Intake Referral Number: 978-774-5000 x850
Fax Number: 978-739-0420
DDS Eligibility Process - NE Region 2017  pdf format of DDS Eligibility Process - NE Region 2017
doc format of                             DDS Eligibility Process - NE Region 2017

Southeast Region
Regional Eligibility Coordinator
151 Campanelli Drive
Suite B
Middleboro, MA 02346

Intake Referral Number: 508-866-5000
Fax Number: 617-727-7822
DDS Eligibility Process - SE Region 2017  pdf format of DDS Eligibility Process - SE Region 2017
doc format of                             DDS Eligibility Process - SE Region 2017


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This information is provided by the Department of Developmental Services.