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The information on this website describes the policies of EOHHS that an individual's background, including any Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and other relevant information, be carefully considered so that the vulnerable populations served by EOHHS and its agencies are protected. The regulations also reflect the policy that qualified rehabilitated offenders should be given a fair opportunity to be employed and reintegrate successfully into the workforce. To support these policies, the regulations require that a criminal background check should only occur, and its results be considered, where the content of a criminal record is relevant to the duties and qualifications of the position and only after the prospective employee has been deemed otherwise qualified for the position and given a conditional offer subject to consideration of any criminal record.

Information regarding the regulations is available below.

Guidance and Information for Organizations Subject to the CORI Regulations at 101 CMR 15.00

Relevant Forms

MassHealth Provider Enrollment

If you are a provider applying to enroll with MassHealth and need a MassHealth Provider CORI form to complete your application, download the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Request Form [CRF-1]  pdf format of crf-1
txt format of                             crf-1                form.