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    Forensic Services Group

    The Forensic Services Group is a statewide service comprised of Sections and Units that provide professional forensic services to the Commonwealth's criminal justice system.

    Located in eleven locations across the state, the Forensic Services Group is a fully accredited (ASCLD/LAB) organization (excluding recently merged Drug Units in Jamaica Plain and Amherst). The main laboratory is located in Maynard, Massachusetts and includes Forensic Biology Units such as: DNA and Criminalistics; as well as the Administrative Services Unit, Quality Assurance Unit, CODIS, Firearms Identification Section, Digital Evidence Multimedia Section (D.E.M.S.) .

    Our sub-laboratory located in Sudbury, Massachusetts includes Forensic Chemistry Units such as: Trace Analysis, Arson and Explosives Unit, Toxicology, and Drugs; as well as the State Identification Section and Evidence Control Unit.

    Our remaining satellite locations offer specialized services regionally throughout the Commonwealth. For more information on all Lab locations and the services they provide, please refer to "Laboratory Locations" below.

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