Massachusetts State Police Most Wanted

CAUTION: We need your help in finding these people but, the people on this page are wanted for serious and often violent crimes. If you believe that you know the location of one of these fugitives DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE ANY ACTION ON YOUR OWN! Immediately call the State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section at (1-800-KAPTURE or 1-800-527-8873), (508-820-2121) or local authorities if you believe you have spotted one of these fugitives.

Keith A. Truehart pdf format of Captured-TRUEHART-Keith-Wanted-POSTER


Joey Camacho pdf format of Active_CAMACHO_Joey_Wanted_Poster.pdf

Captured Arnold GABBIDON

Arnold D. Gabbidon pdf format of Captured-GABBIDON-Arnold-Wanted-POSTER



Henry Gonzalez pdf format of Active_GONZALEZ_Henry_Wanted_POSTER.pdf

William L. Benton pdf format of Captured-BENTON-William-Wanted-POSTER


Active_NOVAS_ Edwin_Clip

Edwin R. Novas pdf format of Active_NOVAS_Wanted_POSTER.pdf



   Yssael Lantigua Alecon  pdf format of LANTIGUA-ALECON - Wanted Poster


  John Nsiah pdf format of active-NSIAH-John-Wanted-Poster

Active - ESPINAL, Leopoldo Clip

Leopoldo Espinal pdf format of Active - ESPINAL Leopoldo Wanted POSTER



John F. Munroe pdf format of Captured-MUNROE-John-Wanted-POSTER


Erick L. Buchanon pdf format of Captured_ERICK_L_BUCHANON

Richard P. Sease pdf format of Captured-SEASE-Richard-Wanted-POSTER


Identification Tips:

Fugitives often change their hair style and color to disguise their appearance. Men may grow or shave their facial hair. To help identify them pay close attention to facial characteristics that don't easily change such as the shape of the face, the eyebrows, the eyes, nose, mouth and chin region. Also look for distinct or prominent facial/head features.

When they adopt aliases fugitives also often incorporate part of their real name. For example they often will use their real first name, or their middle name as their first name. They may also use part of their last name by adding or subtracting to it. Example: Change last name from Richardson to Richards, or vice versa.