Program Description

Known commonly as Fuel Assistance, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides eligible households with help in paying a portion of winter heating bills.

Eligible Applicants

Homeowners and renters including households whose cost of heat is included in the rent can apply at the agency in their area. Click this link for an agency listing by town. Eligibility is based on household size and the gross annual income of every household member, 18 years of age or older. Household income cannot exceed 60% of estimated State Median Income (see chart below).

Eligible Activities and Funding Requirements

This program provides assistance through a fixed benefit amount for the cost of the primary source of heat with includes, but is not limited to:

  • Oil, Electricity, Natural gas, Propane, Kerosene, Wood, Coal

If eligible, discounts are automatically given on:

  • electric bills for investor owned electric utilities, gas bills for investor-owned gas utilities, telephone bills

Payments for actual usage or fuel delivery are made directly to the heating vendor for primary energy needs from November 1st to April 30th except when the cost of heating is included in the rent.

Funding Limits

The benefit levels are dependent on the funding allocated to Massachusetts by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Housing subsidies will also determine the specific benefit level.

Selection Criteria

Household size
Gross annual income for all household members, 18 years or older
Selection criteria takes into account households with housing subsidies and those whose cost of heat is included in the rent.

How to Apply

First-time applicants must apply in person at the fuel assistance agency in their area. Households must apply each year; applications are mailed to households after the first year. Households can apply from November 1st to April 30th of the program year. Applicants who are denied assistance have the right to appeal through the local fuel assistance agency.  Click this link for an agency listing by town.

LIHEAP State Plans

FY2015 Draft LIHEAP State Plan

FY 2015 LIHEAP Draft State Plan pdf format of fy15liheap-draftstateplan.pdf file size 1MB

FY 2015 LIHEAP Income Eligibility Chart pdf format of fy15liheap-incomeeligibilitychart.pdf

FY 2014 LIHEAP State Plan

FY 2014 LIHEAP State Plan pdf format of fy14liheap-stateplan.pdf file size 13MB

LIHEAP Information

FY 2015 LIHEAP Information

FY2015 LIHEAP Forms docx format of fy2015liheapformss.docx

FY 2015 LIHEAP Standardized Application Items pdf format of FY 2015 LIHEAP Standardized Application Items

FY 2014 LIHEAP Information

FY 2014 LIHEAP Income Eligibility and Benefit Level Chart pdf format of chart-fy2014.pdf

FY 2014 Income Calculation Worksheet doc format of FY14incomecalculationworksheet.doc

FY 2014 Standardized LIHEAP Application and Authorization pdf format of fy14liheap-standardizedapp.pdf  

FY 2013 LIHEAP Information

FY 2013 LIHEAP Income Eligibility and Benefit Level Chart pdf format of FY 2013 LIHEAP Benefit Levels

FY 2014 LIHEAP Data Collection Documents

FY 2014 Deliverable Fuel Data Collection Letter doc format of datacollect-deliverablefuel-letter.doc

FY 2014 Utility Fuel Data Collection doc format of datacollect-utilityfuel-form.doc

FY 2014 Utility Company Data Collection Letter docx format of datacollect-utilitycompany-letter.docx

FY 2014 Consumption Data Request Format xls format of datacollect-consumptiondatarequest.xls


Margin Over Rack Prices - Vendor Information

FY 14 Margin Over Rack (MOR) Prices - updated frequently

FY 2013 Margin Over Rack (MOR) Prices pdf format of fy13morchart.pdf

FY 12 Margin Over Rack (MOR) Prices pdf format of fy12morchart.pdf


FY 2012 LIHEAP Annual Report pdf format of fy12liheapannualreport.pdf

FY2011 LIHEAP Legislative Report pdf format of FY 2011 LIHEAP Legislative Report

FY2011 LIHEAP Households Served (map representation) pdf format of FY 2011 LIHEAP Households Served

FY 2009 LIHEAP Legislative Report pdf format of fy09liheaplegrpt.pdf

Residential Energy Assistance Challenge (REACH) Evaluation Report pdf format of reach-report.pdf

Fiscal Reporting Forms doc format of fiscalforms.doc

Training, Presentations, Technical Assistance

Fraud, Waste and Abuse presentation conducted on 9/13/10 at the LIHEAP Training pdf format of fraudwasteabuse.pdf file size 1MB

FY 2009 LIHEAP Training Conference Presentation pdf format of fy09liheappresentation.pdf

Winter Fire Safety Presentation pdf format of winterfiresafety.pdf

MA Dept. of Energy Resources, Winter Heating Tips


For additional information about LIHEAP, Weatherization, or HEARTWAP, please call the HEATLINE at 1-800-632-8175.

For more information about other programs, please call 617-573-1400.