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The basic concept behind the Office of the Inspector General is that any institution, a corporation, a university, let alone the institution of government, must build into itself a mechanism for self-criticism and self-correction - John William Ward. 

The Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General is the oldest state-level inspector general’s office in the nation. Established in 1981 at the recommendation of the Special Commission Concerning State and County Buildings and its Chairman, John William Ward, the Office was granted a broad mandate under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 12A to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse in government

News and Updates

  • Advisory for Municipalities and Other Public Awarding Authorities Using Energy Broker Services, October 2016  pdf format of Energy Broker Services Advisory, October 2016
    • The Office reviewed the relationships between public awarding authorities and the energy professionals those entities pay to assist with the purchase of electricity and natural gas for public facilities.  In conducting this review, the Office found that many public awarding authorities are not employing a competitive process to procure energy professionals, are failing to adequately monitor payment to energy professionals, and are automatically renewing contracts with energy professionals without an adequate assessment of the services provided.  As a result, the Office made numerous recommendations, including that public awarding authorities use a competitive process to procure energy professionals, keep detailed records of services performed by and payments made to these professionals, and attempt to negotiate the rate at which these professionals are paid.
  • Charts on Procurement Procedures Effective November 7, 2016  pdf format of Charts on Procurement Procedures Effective 11-7-2016 
docx format of                             Charts on Procurement Procedures Effective 11-7-2016

    The Office of the Inspector General created the charts as a guide on public procurement procedures that must be followed pursuant to the Massachusetts General Laws. Your jurisdiction may establish stricter or additional requirements that you must follow.  Contact your chief procurement officer or legal counsel for advice on your jurisdiction's rules and procurement procedures. 

  • October 2016, Vol. 22, #4, Procurement Bulletin  pdf format of October 2016, Vol. 22, #4, Procurement Bulletin
file size 1MB

    Inside the October 2016 Procurement Bulletin

    The Bulletin includes information on:

    • Chapter 30B threshold and solicitation changes
    • Public Records Law changes
    • MCPPO designees
  • Second Former ROXSE Homes Worker Sentenced for Taking Bribes, September 2016
  • IG Review of Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Procurement for Towing Services, September 2016  pdf format of IG Review of MassDOT's Procurement of Towing Services
    • The Office reviewed the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (“MassDOT”) procurement for towing services on the Massachusetts Turnpike that began in 2013. The Office found that MassDOT’s Procurement Management Team (“PMT”) violated the agency’s procurement rules in several ways. The Office also found evidence of favoritism toward one company and bias against that company’s competitors. The Office’s review also determined that MassDOT failed to administer the existing towing contract properly, resulting in lost revenue. MassDOT cancelled the procurement when the Office began its review, and sought new bids in July 2016.  The new procurement incorporated many of the Office’s recommendations.
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