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The basic concept behind the Office of the Inspector General is that any institution, a corporation, a university, let alone the institution of government, must build into itself a mechanism for self-criticism and self-correction - John William Ward. 

The Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General is the oldest state-level inspector general’s office in the nation. Established in 1981 at the recommendation of the Special Commission Concerning State and County Buildings and its Chairman, John William Ward, the Office was granted a broad mandate under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 12A to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse in government

News and Updates

  • Letter to the Ashland, Sherborn and Norfolk Boards of Health Regarding Addressing the Risks of Time Abuse Across Multiple Jurisdictions, May 2016  pdf format of Time Abuse Across Multiple Jurisdictions
    • The Office reviewed a complaint of possible time abuse by a full-time employee of the Ashland Board of Health who simultaneously held contracts with the boards of health in Sherborn and Norfolk and served in an elected position in the City of Marlborough. The Office identified timekeeping deficiencies, internal control weaknesses and other issues. The Office requested that the towns and the city conduct a review, address the Office’s recommendations and submit responses by June 30, 2016.
  • Amended Inspector General Council Notice of Meeting 5-19-16
  • Inspector General Council Notice of Meeting 5-19-16
  • Joint OIG Investigation Results in Bribery, Conspiracy Convictions for Two Former Roxse Homes Employees, May 2016
    • Two former employees of a housing development in Roxbury pleaded guilty in federal court for conspiring to rent subsidized apartments to ineligible individuals in exchange for bribes. On May 2, Ismael Morales of Jamaica Plain, a former maintenance technician at Roxse Homes in Boston, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and seven counts of bribery. On May 11, Mathis Lemons of Brockton, the former assistant property manager at Roxse Homes, pleaded guilty to the same eight counts.
  • 2015 Annual Report  pdf format of 2015 Annual Report

    2015 Highlights:

    In 2015, the Office:

    • Investigated numerous criminal and civil matters that led to criminal convictions, indictments, fines, settlements and restitution for the Commonwealth and its subdivisions.
    • Conducted in-depth reviews in the areas of healthcare, transportation, public benefits programs, disability parking placards and contract administration.
    • Addressed over 750 complaints; handled more than 1,300 Chapter 30B inquires and questions; and provided public procurement training to over 1,500 participants. 
    • Completed a comprehensive review of over 15,000 drug samples originally tested between 2002 and 2012 at the Forensic Drug Laboratory at the William A. Hinton State Laboratory Institute.  
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