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  • UI Fraud

    UI Fraud

    Don't let fraud happen to you. Click to view a video on how to avoid committing Unemployment Fraud.

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  • Staffing

    Staffing Agencies

    If you are working with an employment agency, here are some things that you should know.

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  • Mass Safety Works


    Dedicated to providing the employers and employees of Massachusetts with easy to follow suggestions on how to improve workplace safety.

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  • 1099

    Unemployment Insurance Benefits are taxable.

    If you receive unemployment benefits, you are responsible for meeting state and federal tax obligations.  Click to view a video on accessing your 1099 form.

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  • Looking for a Job

    Looking for a Job? Check out JobQuest.

    Thousands of jobs are listed on JobQuest.

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Online Survey of Career Center Services

We are conducting a survey of individuals to learn more about their awareness of Massachusetts One-Stop Career Centers and the services currently available to job seekers. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your feedback will help us better meet the needs of job seekers in the Commonwealth. Survey

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