Register as a Requestor

Click on the above link to register yourself as a regular Requestor of prevailing wages. Once you Register as a Requestor for the first time, you will be assigned a Requestor Registration ID number, e.g., "PW0000250", which you should save and use every time you log in to make a request for wages. By entering your Requestor Registration ID number, your request will automatically be pre-populated with all of your registered contact information.

Official Request for Prevailing Wages

Click on the above link if you an Awarding Authority and need to request an "Official" prevailing wage schedule from DLS. You will be required to enter information for each text box or check box with a red asterisk next to it. When entering your "Project Description", please include as much information as possible in order to properly describe your project to DLS. Once DLS receives your request, we will review the information you entered, and email you back a prevailing wage schedule in PDF format.

Example Request for Prevailing Wages

Click on the above link to request an "Example" copy of a prevailing wage schedule. This feature allows any party to find out what the prevailing wages are in any location throughout the Commonwealth at the time of the request. Prospective bidders for public projects may find it useful to use this feature, since rates shown on example rate schedules show the current effective wage rates at the time the schedule is requested. Please note, an example prevailing wage schedule should never be incorporated into a contract going out to bid or for any official purposes, but is only to be used for reference. An Example prevailing wage schedule will appear as a PDF document, which can be printed from the screen or saved to your hard drive.

Annual Update Request

Click on the link if you are an Awarding Authority and need to request an "Annual Update" to your existing prevailing wage schedule. Pursuant to M.G.L. chapter 149, section 27, Awarding Authorities are required to request "Annual Updates" to public construction contracts bid on or after August 8, 2008. Please use your "Updated" prevailing wage schedule to replace your current prevailing wage schedule, effective on the anniversary of the execution of the contract by the awarding authority  and the general contractor. Please be sure to enter the existing "Job ID Number" in the "Project Description" section of your Annual Update Request.

Request a Re-Print of a Previously Issued Wage Schedule

Click on the above link if you need to re-print an official prevailing wage schedule that was already issued to you by DLS. Please note that schedules are only valid for 90 days from the date of issuance; you should request a new wage schedule if you have not opened bids or selected a contractor within 90 days of the date of issuance of the schedule you are seeking to reprint. The “Reprint” function should only be used if an Awarding Authority has misplaced a schedule or if multiple copies of the same schedule are needed by contractors or other interested persons. Note also that reprinting the same schedule with this function does not satisfy the requirement of M.G.L. chapter 149, section 27, amended on August 8, 2008, requiring annual updates to prevailing wage schedules for all public construction projects lasting longer than one year. Annual updates for multi-year projects need to be requested through the “Annual Update Request” link.

Please note: the re-print option is only available for schedules issued by DLS on or after July 17, 2009.

Prevailing Wage Index  pdf format of Prevailing Wage Index

Last updated January 2015. Check regularly for future updates.

Prevailing Wage Law Guide for Awarding Authorities

An overview of what awarding authorities need to know about the Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Law, including frequently asked questions.

Prevailing Wage Law Guide for Contractors

An overview of what contractors need to know about the Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Law, including frequently asked questions

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Abridged Collective Bargaining Agreement's containing rates, trade autonomies, and apprentice ratios used to determine Prevailing Wages pursuant to M.G.L. c.149 § 26-27.

Payroll Record Form  pdf format of Payroll Record Form
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