The Operational Services Division sets the tuition prices for M.G.L. approved private special education programs for purchase by cities and towns and Commonwealth departments. Please choose one of the links below to download prices, forms and/or policies.

Please Note as of March 1, 2016,  the Individual Price Authorization form will only require a justification for a one-to-one aide if the rate of the aide is over $25.

Tuition Prices
FY 2018

Individual Price Request Form docx format of sped_individual

Budget for New Program and/or Individual Student Program (Unapproved) Placement xls format of blank budget.xls

 Policies and Other Information

Estimated Rate of Inflation for Fiscal Year 2018 pdf format of Estimated Rate of Inflation for Fiscal Year 2018
file size 1MB

Individual Student Program (Unapproved Placement) Price Authorization Policy docx format of ind_student_prog.doc

Special Circumstances for Salary Upgrades Policy docx format of spec_cir_sal

Reconstruction - Summary of the Working Group docx format of reconsum

Prompt Notification to Purchasers of Applications for Program Changes docx format of notice

Commercial Fee for For-Profit Approved M.G.L. C.71b Special Education Programs docx format of CF

For more information please contact the Director of Special Education Pricing.

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