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Operational Services Division publishes several communications that provide the latest information regarding our Program and Services. Following are links to current and past publications:
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Buy the Way

Buy the Way is the official magazine of the Operational Services Division. Published on a bi-monthly basis, each issue of Buy the Way includes a feature story, as well as news about OSD Unit activities, Statewide Contracts, Training Opportunities for buyers and businesses, COMMBUYS, and more! 

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Archived Issues of Buy the Way

A publication of the Operational Services Division, Buy the Way information about OSD's Procurement Activities, Programs, and Services.

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MA Procurement Insights Blog

The Official Blog of the Massachusetts Operational Services Division

MA Procurement Insights

Muni Updates

The OSD Muni Update provides Municipal Organizations a bi-monthly recap of OSD's Program and Services activities. Below are links to our latest issues:

Register for the Municipal Cybersecurity Summit (Issued 9/2021)

Spotlight Campaign Webinar - Building for Success: Trades Projects Simplified (Issued 7/2021)

Municipal Webinar Spotlight Campaign - Information Technology Focus (Issued 5/2021)

Statewide Contract PPE Guide (Issued 3/2021)

Visit the OSD Booth at the Virtual MMA Annual Meeting and Trade Show (Issued 1/2021)

New and Existing Statewide Contract PPE Resources  (Issued 11/2020)

Greetings from the Local Government Enablement Team! (Issued 5/2020)

Spring is just around the corner! (Issued 3/2020)

Happy New Year! (Issued 1/2020)

Happy Halloween! (Issued 11/2019)

Welcome back! (Issued 9/2019)

Happy New Fiscal Year! (Issued 7/2019)


OVM Quarterly

Though it no longer is being published, the Office of Vehicle Management's newsletter, the OVM Quarterly, featured several stories that include "evergreen" information related to OVM policies and programs.

Spring 2019 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Changes Ahead!
  • Fuel Efficiency Standard Updates!
  • WEX Fuel Card Program Driver PIN - Best Practice
  • OVM Editor's Choice
Winter 2019 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Fuel Efficiency Standard Implementation and Success Stories
  • New Vehicle Ordering
  • Maintenance Information: Procedure and Dollar Thresholds
  • Accident Information: Reporting, Repairs, and Follow Up
  • Recall Management
Fall 2018 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Policy Highlight: Driver Affirmation Forms
  • View Your Fleet Information on FleetWave
  • Reminder to Report Odometer Reading

Summer 2018 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Important Driver Reminders
  • Safety 101: NHTSA Report on Injury Severity and Vehicle Age
  • Maintenance Reminder
Spring 2018 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • FleetWave Training for OVM-Managed Fleet Managers
  • Impact of the Fuel Efficiency Standard
  • Reminder: Inspection Stickers
  • Monthly Odometer Submissions
  • Commonwealth Registration and Plate Types
  • Reminder: Report Recall Services to OVM
  • 1-800 How Am I Driving
  • E-Z Pass and Transponder Reminders
Winter 2018 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Watch Out for Snowplows on the Road
  • Fuel Card Exception Reporting
  • Monthly Odometer Readings
  • License Plate Reminders
  • Do You Have Assigned Drivers? Let OVM Know!
  • Ongoing Toll Account Management
  • Reminder: Contact OVM When Transferring or Reassigning a Vehicle or Driver
Fall 2017 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Items in Every Vehicle
  • Fuel Card Updates
  • Vehicle Maintenance: When to Repair vs. Replace
  • Best Practices for Developing an Internal Transportation Policy
  • Safety Tips for Driving this Quarter
  • Vehicle Audit Quick Reference Guide
Summer 2017 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Reminder: Maintenance Approvals
  • Agency-Managed Accounts with Vendors
  • Vehicle Reassignments Forms
Spring 2017 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Policy Highlight: Driver Affirmation Forms
  • Safety 101: Evaluating and Mitigating Driver Risk through MVR Checks
  • Toll Management EZ Pass Accounts, Invoicing, and Transponders
Winter 2017 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Federal Surplus Property Program Available to Executive Branch Agencies
  • Policy Highlight: Required Stickers on State Vehicles
  • Safety 101: Recall Notes
  • Maintenance Tip: Seasonal Checklist & Preventative Maintenance Schedule
Fall 2016 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • OVM's Impact on an Executive Branch Agency
  • Policy Highlight: Traveling Out-of-State and/or Overnight
  • Safety 101: Educational Tools
  • Maintenance Tip: Fall Checklist & Repair Approvals
  • Vehicle Delivery & Turn-In
Summer 2016 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Policy Highlight: Required Stickers on State Vehicles
  • Safety 101: Following Distance
  • Maintenance Tip: Summer Checklist & Inspection Stickers
Spring 2016 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Surplus Property: What Agencies Need to Know
  • Policy Highlight: Fuel Cards
  • Maintenance Tip: Spring Checklist
  • OVM Services: How Can We Help?
Winter 2016 Issue

Evergreen Topics

  • Policy Highlight: Tickets & Transponders
  • Safety 101: "1-800-How Am I Driving?" Program
  • Maintenance Tip: Your Vehicles & Tire Pressure

Refer to the In Case You Missed It section at the bottom of the newsletter to access prior issues.

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