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Request special education individual pricing

Individual price request incorporates by reference the pricing approval by the Operational Services Division (OSD) for hourly costs.

Special Education Pricing Contact Information

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Individual prices are governed by Operational Services Division Regulation 808 CMR 1.06(7)(a). An “Individual Price” is required for the payment of additional, unique, or specialized services for a student that are required by an approved or amended Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Services Plan (ISP) which are not reimbursed in the program’s established price.

The Individual Price Request may be submitted by a Local Education Authority or other Purchasing Agency responsible for payment of the requested services. It should be sent within 15 calendar days of the execution of the IEP, ISP, or amendment. Please enter responsible agency identifying information in item 2 and sign the request form. If the Individual Price Request has been authorized by an Executive Department, attach the authorization to the tuition price letter from OSD (for MMARS documentation).

How to request

Mail per instructions on Special Education Individual Price Request Form.

Next steps

Download and complete the Special Education Individual Price Request Form. Mail completed form per instructions.



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