Key Resources

  • Coordinator Information
    GIC Coordinators, located at each state agency and municipality, process GIC benefits for active employees. Search for your GIC Coordinator here. Coordinators - see news and resources to help you administer GIC benefits.
  • Manage Your Health
    Find out more about your condition, patient safety, mental health and substance abuse issues, as well as general health care tips.
  • MyGIC Self Service Website

    Online access to GIC benefit elections, life insurance beneficiaries (state employees only), and covered dependents. 

GIC Logo

GIC Executive Director Dolores L. Mitchell

Dolores Mitchell is the Executive Director of the Group Insurance Commission, the agency that provides life, health, disability and dental and vision services to the Commonwealth’s employees, retirees and their dependents; many of these benefits are also provided to a number of authorities, municipalities, and other entities. Almost 413,000 people are covered by the GIC.

Employee Health and Other Insurance Benefits

The GIC provides high value health insurance and other benefits to state employees and retirees (and their survivors and dependents) - as well as providing these benefits to redevelopment, housing, and certain other authorities.

Benefit Enrollment

Find out about plan options if you are GIC-eligible and how to enroll in benefits during annual enrollment, as a new hire, and as a new municipal enrollee. Annual enrollment gives current participants an opportunity to review their options and make changes if desired.

Municipality Information

Here you will find assistance for participating municipalities on selecting and enrolling in health plan benefits. There is also information for non-participating municipalities who are interested in information about joining the Group Insurance Commission.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find information on what to do when changes occur in your life that may affect your GIC coverage.

Manage Your Health

Doctor holding out an apple.
Preparation and communication are key factors in enhancing health outcomes. The GIC encourages you to take charge of your health. Find out more about physician and hospital quality and costs, your condition, patient safety, mental health and substance abuse issues, as well as general health care tips.


Please contact the GIC or your Benefits Coordinator.