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  • Go to the interactive property map

    The MassGIS Interactive Property Map

    View property information seamlessly throughout the Commonwealth.

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  • Graphic to illustrate analysis projects

    MassGIS Analysis Projects Portfolio

    View project descriptions, partners and graphics.

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  • Web Map Services from MassGIS

    Web Map Services from MassGIS

    Add dozens of map services to your GIS maps and apps. Multiple years of imagery and many other layers available.

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  • Download Data from MassGIS

    Download Data from MassGIS

    Hundreds of GIS data layers are available to download from MassGIS -- all free!

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  • MassUtilities


    This mapping application shows the Electric, Natural Gas, and Cable TV public utility service providers for each city and town in Massachusetts.

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  • THE way to make or get maps, and to explore MassGIS data
  • Download shapefiles, edit data, and more

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