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Check your 911 Grant Eligibility Status

State-911 Department Support and Incentive Grant eligibility requirements for fiscal year 2024

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Eligibility requirements for the State 911 Department’s Fiscal Year 2024 Support and Incentive Grants include having provided MassGIS with: 1) updated standardized parcel mapping and 2) with updates concerning new, changed, or retired addresses. These updates must have been received in calendar years 2022 or 2023. PSAP status relative to the two requirements is found in this PDF document: FY2024 parcel and address update status. A PSAP's status for either requirement is updated by MassGIS whenever there is a change from “NO” to either “YES” or “PRELIM”. For either of the eligibility requirements, a status of “YES” or “PRELIM” means that the requirement has been met for the FY2024 grant application.

A status of “NO” means that MassGIS has not received the required update. A status of “YES” indicates that MassGIS has received the required update. For parcel mapping updates, a status of “PRELIM” indicates one of the following:

  1. MassGIS has confirmed with staff in the relevant municipal department (often, but not always, the Assessing Department) that the required update is under development and will be delivered in calendar 2023.
  2. MassGIS has received an update but that update has not yet met the requirements of MassGIS’ parcel mapping standard. Failure to achieve compliance means the status automatically reverts to “N” for the FY 2024 grants.
  3. A regional PSAP/RECC has one or more communities that are not meeting the requirement. 

For address updates, a status of “PRELIM” indicates that MassGIS has been informed by staff in the relevant municipal department that updates will be provided OR is aware that the regional PSAP Director is working with all their municipalities, to ensure that MassGIS will receive address updates going forward.


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Date published: March 13, 2023
Last updated: March 13, 2023

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