Courthouse Locator

There are over 100 Massachusetts courthouses that serve the cities and towns within the Commonwealth. To help you find the courthouses that serve your area, use the Courthouse Locator.

Select a location from the list, then click Go. The feature provides you with a list of all the courthouses that serve the area you selected.

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Other Ways to Look Up a Courthouse

You can also find courthouse information using one of these lists:

Courthouses by name
An alphabetical list of courthouses

Courthouses by county
A list of courthouses organized by county

What You'll Find on the Page

Each courthouse page includes:

  • Courthouse address and directions
  • Phone numbers of courthouse and departments
  • Court offices
  • Juror information
  • Public transportation and parking information
  • ADA accessibility information for jurors and non-jurors
  • Session locations

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Not Sure about a Courthouse Name?

Massachusetts courthouses have official courthouse names and names that are known by the public. 

For example, the Boston Central Municipal Court is the official courthouse name, but you may know the courthouse as the BMC, Boston Municipal Courthouse, Brooke Courthouse, Edward W. Brooke Courthouse, and the New Chardon Street Courthouse.

If you are looking for a courthouse, but do not see the name you are familiar with, check the list of popular court names. The list provides the official courthouse name and its corresponding popular names.