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The court code is a number that identifies the location where a court case is filed or should be filed. Typically, the numerical court code is part of a case docket number on all court records or is on a uniform motor vehicle/traffic citation to indicate which court location will receive the citation information.

Court codes sorted numerically

Court code Court
1 BMC Central
2 Roxbury BMC
3 South Boston BMC
4 Charlestown BMC
5 East Boston BMC
6 West Roxbury BMC
7 Dorchester BMC
8 Brighton BMC
9 Brookline District Court
10 Somerville District Court
11 Lowell District Court
12 Newton District Court
13 Lynn District Court
14 Chelsea District Court
15 Brockton District Court
16 Fitchburg District Court
17 Holyoke District Court
18 Lawrence District Court
20 Chicopee District Court
21 Marlboro District Court
22 Newburyport District Court
23 Springfield District Court
25 Barnstable District Court
26 Orleans District Court
27 Pittsfield District Court
28 Northern Berkshire District Court
29 Southern Berkshire District Court
31 Taunton District Court
32 Fall River District Court
33 New Bedford District Court
34 Attleboro District Court
35 Edgartown District Court
36 Salem District Court
38 Haverhill District Court
39 Gloucester District
40 Ipswich District Court
41 Greenfield District Court
42 Orange District Court
43 Palmer District Court
44 Westfield District Court
45 Northampton District Court
47 Concord District Court
48 Ayer District Court
49 Framingham District Court
50 Malden District Court
51 Waltham District Court
52 Cambridge District Court
53 Woburn District Court
54 Dedham District Court
55 Stoughton District Court
56 Quincy District Court
57 Wrentham District Court
58 Hingham District Court
59 Plymouth District Court
60 Wareham District Court
61 Leominster District Court
62 Worcester District Court
63 Gardner District Court
64 Dudley District Court
65 Uxbridge District Court
66 Milford District Court
67 Westborough District Court
68 Clinton District Court
69 East Brookfield District Court
70 Winchendon District Court
71 Suffolk Juvenile
72 Barnstable Superior Court
73 Bristol Superior Court
74 Dukes Superior Court
75 Nantucket Superior Court
76 Berkshire Superior Court
77 Essex Superior Court
78 Franklin Superior Court
79 Hampden Superior Court
80 Hampshire Superior Court
81 Middlesex Superior Court
82 Norfolk Superior Court
83 Plymouth Superior Court
84 Suffolk Superior Court
85 Worcester Superior Court
86 Peabody District Court
87 Natick District Court
88 Nantucket District Court
89 Falmouth District Court
98 Eastern Hampshire District Court
AD71 Boston Juvenile Appeals
Court code Court
H77 Northeast Housing Court
H79 Springfield Housing Court
H83 Southeast Housing Court
H84 Boston Housing Court
H85 Worcester Housing Court
J10 Somerville Juvenile Court
J11 Lowell Juvenile Court
J12 Newton Juvenile Court
J13 Lynn Juvenile Court
J14 Chelsea Juvenile Court
J15 Brockton Juvenile Court
J16 Fitchburg Juvenile Court
J17 Holyoke Juvenile Court
J18 Lawrence Juvenile Court
J2 Roxbury Juvenile Court
J20 Chicopee Juvenile Court
J21 Marlborough Juvenile Court
J22 Newburyport Juvenile Court
J23 Springfield Juvenile Court
J25 Barnstable Juvenile Court
J26 Orleans Juvenile Court
J27 Pittsfield Juvenile Court
J28 North Adams Juvenile Court
J29 Great Barrington Juvenile Court
J3 South Boston Juvenile Court
J30 Adams Juvenile Court
J31 Taunton Juvenile Court
J32 Fall River Juvenile Court
J33 New Bedford Juvenile Court
J34 Attleboro Juvenile Court
J35 Edgartown Juvenile Court
J36 Salem Juvenile Court
J38 Haverhill Juvenile Court
J39 Gloucester Juvenile Court
J4 Ipswich Juvenile Court
J41 Greenfield Juvenile Court
J42 Orange Juvenile Court
J43 Palmer Juvenile Court
J44 Westfield Juvenile Court
J45 Hadley Juvenile Court
J46 Belchertown Juvenile Court
J47 Concord Juvenile Court
J48 Ayer Juvenile Court
J49 Framingham Juvenile Court
J5 East Boston Juvenile Court
J50 Malden Juvenile Court
J51 Waltham Juvenile Court
J52 Cambridge Juvenile Court
J53 Woburn Juvenile Court
J54 Dedham Juvenile Court
J55 Stoughton Juvenile Court
J56 Quincy Juvenile Court
J57 Wrentham Juvenile Court
J58 Hingham Juvenile Court
J59 Plymouth Juvenile Court
J6 West Roxbury Juvenile Court
J60 Wareham Juvenile Court
J61 Leominster Juvenile Court
J62 Worcester Juvenile Court
J63 Gardner Juvenile Court
J64 Dudley Juvenile Court
J65 Uxbridge Juvenile Court
J66 Milford Juvenile Court
J67 Westborough Juvenile Court
J68 Clinton Juvenile Court
J69 Springfield Juvenile Court
J7 Dorchester Juvenile Court
J70 Winchendon Juvenile Court
J8 Brighton Juvenile Court
J86 Peabody Juvenile Court
J87 Natick Juvenile Court
J88 Nantucket Juvenile Court
J89 Falmouth Juvenile Court
J9 Brookline Juvenile Court
P72 Barnstable Probate Court
P73 Bristol Probate Court
P74 Dukes Probate Court
P75 Nantucket Probate Court
P76 Berkshire Probate Court
P77 Essex Probate Court
P78 Franklin Probate Court
P79 Hampden Probate Court
P80 Hampshire Probate Court
P81 Middlesex Probate Court
P82 Norfolk Probate Court
P83 Plymouth Probate Court
P84 Suffolk Probate Court
P85 Worcester Probate Court

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