The most recent cases transferred by the Supreme Judicial Court from the Appeals Court are viewable on this page. Below are recently transferred cases, posted on July 23, 2015:

Direct Appellate Review
Commonwealth v. Robert White, DAR-23526 pdf format of Commonwealth v. Robert White, DAR-23526
file size 6MB
Jonathan Hall & another v. Preferred Mutual Insurance Company, DAR-23504 pdf format of Hall & another v. Preferred Mutual Insurance Company
file size 4MB
Commonwealth v. Branden Mattier, DAR-23491 pdf format of Commonwealth v. Branden Mattier, DAR-23491
file size 3MB

Sua Sponte Transfers
EventMonitor Inc. & another v. Anthony Leness, 2014-P-1936 pdf format of EventMonitor Inc. & another v. Leness,  2014-P-1936
Federal National Mortgage Association v. Edward M. Rego & another, 2014-P-1853 pdf format of Federal National Mortgage Association v. Rego & another
file size 1MB

The below were posted on July 24, 2015:

Further Appellate Review
Commonwealth v. Aderito P. Amado, FAR-23153 pdf format of FAR-23153-Commonwealth v. Aderito Amado
file size 2MB
Michael Skawski v. Greenfield Investors Property Development, LLC, FAR-23206 pdf format of FAR-23206
file size 1MB
Commonwealth v. Derick Epps, FAR-23343 pdf format of FAR-23343-Commonwealth v. Derick Epps
file size 2MB
Commonwealth v. Marwan M. Almele, FAR-23363 pdf format of FAR-23363-Commonwealth v. Marwan Almele
file size 2MB
Linda S. Bowers v. P. Wile's, Inc., FAR-23421 pdf format of FAR-23421-Linda S. Bowers v. P. Wile's Inc.
file size 4MB