The most recent cases transferred by the Supreme Judicial Court from the Appeals Court are viewable on this page. Below are recently transferred cases, posted on November 20, 2014:

SJC-11771 - Commonwealth v. Ramon Torres pdf format of SJC-11771
file size 1MB

SJC-11772 - Charlene Galenski v. Town of Erving pdf format of SJC-11772
file size 2MB

SJC-11773 - Commonwealth v. Josiah Canning pdf format of SJC-11773

SJC-11774 - Commonwealth v. Kirk Camblin pdf format of SJC-11774
file size 1MB

SJC-11775 - Commonwealth v. Clauzell Jones pdf format of SJC-11775
file size 1MB

SJC-11776 - William F. Reade v. William F. Galvin pdf format of SJC-11776

SJC-11778Gilbane Building Co. v. Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance pdf format of SJC-11778
file size 7MB