Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court Department is a statewide court with jurisdiction over civil and criminal matters including delinquencies, youthful offender cases, care and protections and children requiring assistance cases.  It is the mission of the Juvenile Court to protect children from abuse and neglect, to promote opportunities for children to reside in a safe, stable, permanent family environment, to strengthen families, to rehabilitate juveniles, to protect the public from delinquent and criminal behavior and to decide all cases fairly and impartially with dedication, integrity and professionalism.   The Juvenile Court has 41 judges, including the Chief Justice, in over 40 locations.  

Notice to the Bar: Judicial Performance Evaluations of Trial Court judges in Middlesex County are on their way

In the coming weeks, emails will be sent to members of the Bar asking them to evaluate judges in the District Court, Juvenile Court, Probate and Family Court in Middlesex County and the Northeast Housing Court.

The evaluation period is from the end of October to mid-December.  Crucial to maintaining a high quality judicial branch is the full participation of the Bar in judicial evaluation.

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