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    Please be advised that on July 1, 2016, the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) will fully transition to using the Billing module in the Child Care Financial Assistance System (CCFA)

    With the launch of the CCFA Billing module, EEC will use CCFA to process all reimbursements to all subsidized child care providers and will no longer use the Alternative Payment Method (APM) for processing billing.  To use the CCFA Billing module, you will need to ensure that all of your attendance for all services dates since July 1, 2015 is completely entered in CCFA and accepted for billing by CCFA.  The CCFA Billing module will not accept a billing request if your attendance for any service month since July 1, 2015 is incomplete.  Once all of the attendance is complete, subsidy administrators can submit their invoices for billing in CCFA.  (You must still send a payment voucher with wet signature to EEC.)

    July 2016 will be the first service month for which providers will bill entirely through CCFA.    You may submit billing through the CCFA Billing module for July 2016 services beginning on August 1, 2016, and by the deadlines specified below for each provider and subsidy type:

    • CCR&Rs: By Friday 19th of August.
    • Contracted Providers including Family Child Care Systems: By Friday 19th of August if you only have contracted slots; By the 12th day of the month if you have both vouchers and contracts.
    • Voucher Only Providers:  Must submit billing to your CCR&R by the 12th day of the month.

    As previously communicated, EEC will reconcile previous estimated payments made to your agency through the APM once the Billing module goes live in CCFA.   EEC will use the Attendance data in CCFA to determine if the estimated payment amount was accurate or needs adjustment.  The reconciliation process will start in August 2016 and conclude in December 2016.  EEC is committed to working closely with end users to ensure the greatest degree of accuracy and fairness regarding billing and payments. 

  • Child Care Financial Assistance (CCFA) Background

    Historically EEC has used two separate systems for programs, providers, and CCR&Rs to request reimbursement from EEC: CCIMS for voucher subsidies, and eCCIMS for contract subsidies.  EEC has developed a single platform for managing subsidy awards: the new Child Care Financial Assistance system (CCFA).

  • Training and Resources

    Updated training schedules are available along with links to CCFA User Guides.

  • CCFA Administration