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  • Child Care Financial Assistance (CCFA) Background

    Historically EEC has used two separate systems for programs, providers, and CCR&Rs to request reimbursement from EEC: CCIMS for voucher subsidies, and eCCIMS for contract subsidies.  EEC has developed a single platform for managing subsidy awards: the new Child Care Financial Assistance system (CCFA).

  • Transition to CCFA

    The new CCFA system is in the final stages of user testing. July 1, 2015 is the start date for the new CCFA.  

  • Accessing CCFA

    Access to CCFA requires a user login and password. Administrators at CCR&Rs and Contracted Providers obtain their login and password directly from EEC. "Voucher Only" providers obtain their login and password from their CCR&R Administrators for CCFA .

  • Training and Resources

    It is imperative that all users of the new CCFA complete training before CCFA goes live on July 1, 2015! During the month of June, EEC will provide training sessions across the state that cover all five CCFA modules (Intake, Authorization, Placement, Attendance, and Billing) in one day. EEC will also offer webinars on these modules to supplement the in-person trainings.

  • Technical Assistance and Daily Support Calls

    EEC offers regular conference calls with CCR&Rs, Contracted Providers, and other CCFA users to answer questions about the new CCFA. 

  • CCR&R Administrators for CCFA