We invite you to enjoy your outdoor recreation activities this winter and experience the fun of snowmobiling at forests and parks across the Commonwealth. To assist you in your planning, we would like to acquaint you with the regulations for snow vehicle operation in MassParks, how to register your snowmobile, as well as featured state properties open to snowmobile use. Come out and play! We look forward to meeting you on the trails. Click here for a complete list of state properties open and closed to snowmobile use.

South Region

Freetown-Fall River State Forest Assonet
Myles Standish State Forest Carver
Wompatuck State Park : Snow vehicles permitted on portion east of Union Street onlyHingham

North Region: All use of snow vehicles permitted only during daylight hours.

Bradley Palmer State Park Topsfield
Georgetown-Rowley State Forest Georgetown
Hopkinton State Park Hopkinton
Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest Lowell
Willard Brook State Forest Ashby & Townsend
Whitehall State Park : Snowmobiles are only permitted during daylight hours and are to be operated only on frozen waters for ice fishing purposes.Hopkinton

Central Region

Douglas State Forest Douglas
Leominster State Forest Westminster
Rutland State Park Rutland
Spencer State Forest Spencer
Brimfield State Forest Brimfield
Erving State Forest Erving
Lake Dennison Recreation Area Winchendon
Mt. Grace State Forest Warwick
Otter River State Forest Baldwinville
Pearl Hill State Park W. Townsend
Upton State Forest Upton
Wells State Park Sturbridge
Wendell State Forest Wendell

West Region

Beartown State Forest Monterey
Conn. River Greenway State Park Chester
D.A.R. State Forest Goshen
Dubuque, Kenneth Memorial State Forest Hawley
Mt. Holyoke Range State Park Amherst
Monroe State Forest Monroe
Mt. Greylock State Reservation Lanesborough
October Mountain State Forest Lee
Pittsfield State Forest Pittsfield
Sandisfield State Forest (York Lake) Sandisfield
Savoy Mountain State Forest Savoy
Tolland State Forest Otis
Windsor State Forest Windsor

304 CMR 12.29 Snow Vehicle Operation

304, Chapter 12, Section 12.29 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations governs the use of snow vehicles within the property of the Commonwealth under the care, custody or control of the Department of Environmental Management, Division of Forests and Parks. The following regulations specifically apply to recreational snow vehicle use:

(2) No person shall operate any snow vehicle…upon or over any property of the Division unless that vehicle is registered under M.G.L. c. 90A or c. 90B.

(6) No snow vehicle is allowed on Department property unless the Director has opened that property to use by snow vehicles. Upon request to the Director and at the headquarters building in each Department property, the Division shall make available a list of all Department properties where snow vehicles are and are not allowed.

(7) In those areas opened by the Director pursuant to 304 CMR 12.29(6), snow vehicles may be utilized on any unplowed forest road or forest way unless posted to the contrary or prohibited by regulation.

(8) No person shall operate a snow vehicle upon Department property unless the area superintendent has determined the sub-surface soil of the land of a particular Department property to be solidly frozen and completely covered with a minimum of four (4) inches of hard packed snow or ice. The Division shall post these lands as open or closed in accordance with existing weather and snow condition. The Division may post this information at the park headquarters, at the trail head, by written public notice or a combination.

(9) When the Division has posted the frozen waters to prohibit it, no person shall operate a snow vehicle upon the frozen waters of the Department. In the absence of such a posting, persons utilizing frozen water bodies do so at their own risk and the Division assumes no responsibility either implied or expressed for the safety of any person who voluntarily assumes a known and obvious risk inherent in such activities. No person shall operate…a snow vehicle upon any frozen Department waters under any circumstance unless a minimum of five inches of solid ice cover is present. The operator shall determine the thickness of the ice, and assumes all responsibility in undertaking an activity with an inherent and known risk.

(10) Each snow vehicle operated upon Department properties shall carry a spare spark plug, flashlight, and spare drive belt and sufficient tools to effect minor repairs.

(11) No person shall operate…a snow vehicle in or upon the unfrozen waters or wetlands of the Department except for the purpose of crossing a stream over a bridge, culvert or similar structure or by operating the vehicle at the minimum speed required to maintain controlled forward movement and crossing in the most direct manner to minimize the potential for erosion of the bed or banks of the stream.

(12) No person under 12 years of age shall operate any snow vehicle…upon or over any Department property.