The Division of Water Supply Protection is responsible for collection and safe storage of water, protection of reservoir water, protection of reservoir water quality, and management of DWM watershed land. Public access on DCR drinking waters supply lands is carefully regulated and controlled to protect the drinking water supply for over 2 million people.

Public access to and recreational use of drinking water supply lands and surface water supplies are complex and controversial issues for water supply managers due to the inherent conflict between protection of a drinking water supply and demands to use water supply lands for other purposes. Human activity on or near source waters serve as potential routes for the introduction of disease causing agents, so purveyors of drinking water must exercise caution when considering policies for recreation on water supply lands.

The DCR describes its public access policies in Public Access Plans for the Quabbin Reservoir Watershed(2006), the Wachusett Reservoir Watershed (2011), the Ware River (2010), and the Sudbury Reservoir Watershed (2010).  These Public Access Plans are based on state and federal regulations and are developed with input from citizens, recreation organizations local officials and other state and federal agencies.

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