About the Massachusetts Hunter Education Program

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The Massachusetts Hunter Education Program is a public education effort that provides instruction in the safe handling of firearms and other outdoor activities related to hunting and firearm use.

Six disciplines are offered including Basic Hunter Education course which is required of first-time hunters to purchase their first hunting license. By state law, anyone planning to buy a Massachusetts hunting or sporting license must either have a government issued Basic Hunter Education certificate from any jurisdiction or must have had a previous hunting license from any jurisdiction in North America, prior to 2007.

The MassWildlife Hunter Education Program offers about 130 courses each year across the state from January through October/early November and tries to offer different formats to meet the public’s needs.

To find a course, you can periodically check our website.The course listing is routinely updated as courses are added.  Or you can provide your contact information and we will notify you when the next course is scheduled near you.

Funding for the program is derived from the sale of hunting and sporting licenses, and from federal excise taxes on firearms and archery equipment.  All courses are conducted free of charge.